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5 Habits of Successful Sales Managers That Make Them Effective Leaders

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The importance of sales manager in any company and organization is very high. Who are the successful sales managers? Many people believe that successful sales force can be managed by being in the right conditions and after experiencing successful sales in the position of salesman and be effective and successful in that role. but how? What are the sales force? Salespeople are the first force to communicate with customers, and if they know their job well, they will communicate easily with customers; They will shape deals and deal with complaints and problems. Sales managers dramatically increase sales figures. These forces, after gaining the necessary experience and knowledge, can play the role of a successful sales manager and leader; Provided they learn sales and leadership skills together. In this article, we will look at five habits of successful sales leaders that are acquired through knowledge of sales and leadership skills.

1. Provide appropriate feedback and response

One of the habits of successful sales managers is to provide effective and immediate feedback. If you work as a sales manager, consider saying, “When you see something, talk about it.” This sentence points to the need for feedback from sales managers. Most novice sales managers find it easy to provide sales feedback; But providing feedback by sending a few phone messages to top executives is not enough.

Successful sales managers are well aware that they need to be in touch with all parts of their work team and report appropriately to various operations and actions by communicating properly and effectively with others. They use the BIG method. According to the Big method, we must consider three points in providing feedback and management of each team and group; B (behavior), I (impact), J (G: get agreement).

That is, every manager must behave properly in the team and organization in which he operates; Consider the effectiveness of his behavior and actions, and finally reach a good agreement to advance his goals and plans based on the relationship he has established with others. So if you want to be a successful sales manager, you need to be able to respond to issues, people, events, and so on.

2. Hold face-to-face meetings with each member of the sales team

Another habit of successful sales managers is to have weekly face-to-face meetings with their team members. Some managers think that holding weekly and daily meetings is enough to review sales and can increase sales growth indicators. Of course, these meetings are very useful and necessary; But successful managers think about developing relationships with team members and different people in the company.

That’s why they hold weekly meetings, where they meet with each member of their team individually. In these meetings, managers are listening and trying to hear all the views, concerns, problems, suggestions and demands of their sales team members. So it is better to hold such meetings with your team members and listen to their professions and show appropriate reactions to each person.

3. Guidance and guidance of sales team members

Successful sales manager

Another positive habit of successful sales managers is that they direct their forces in the right direction. They know how to use all the potential of their forces. Of course, team leadership is difficult considering individual individuals; But successful sales managers pay attention to all team members and do not make decisions and management solely on the basis of available figures and metrics.

In fact, a successful sales manager is one who prefers leadership and coaching to management; That is, he appears in the role of an effective teacher and coach to bring about positive changes in the team and individual members. Successful managers use the GROW method or something similar. In this way, each letter of the word GROW symbolizes a leadership and management strategy:

  • G is the first letter of the word “goal setting” or in English Goal Setting. The successful manager therefore seeks to teach the goal setting to his team members and clearly explains the team goal to the members.
  • R is the first letter of the word “reality”. مدیر Successful managers seek to determine the actual current situation for team members to be aware of customer status, sales and..
  • O is the first letter of the word “obstacle” or in English Obstacle. So the successful manager seeks to inform his team members about the obstacles that exist in advancing the team’s goals.
  • W is also the first letter of the word “to move forward” and to move forward or in English Way Forward. So a successful manager seeks to encourage his team members and provide solutions to them to take steps to bring customers to their goal and desire.

In fact, successful sales managers pay special attention to the personal development of team members and their guidance.

4. Strengthen and develop strengths

Based on expert and detailed studies in the field of human resource management of any organization, it is possible to understand how important it is to try to reveal the capacities of each workforce. Successful sales managers are also those who look at their forces through the eyes of chess pieces. That is, they know that each piece has its own characteristics and capabilities that if they are used properly and the strengths of each are developed, the team will be more successful and successful.

Therefore, one of the most important habits of successful sales managers is to identify the capabilities of each force and try to improve these capabilities and strengths. There are several ways to evaluate the strengths of each team. For example, the Clifton Strengths method is a way to identify the capabilities of each member of a team or group. This method is a test designed by a person named Donald Clifton and is useful for identifying the abilities of members. There are other methods, such as the method of expressing capabilities or standout.

In any case, successful managers try to increase team productivity by using methods to identify the talents of each member and enhance their strengths. For example, if a sales team member performs well as a “teacher,” the manager will try to use his or her abilities to persuade others and raise customer awareness; In addition, he will consider programs to continuously develop this ability and skill in him. Or if one of the forces is successful in accompanying and communicating with others, he / she will use him / her in the areas of customer relations or training of new forces to the company.

5. Expressing attention and attention to others

Successful sales manager

Successful managers show that they care about the rest of the team and the company. Even if they do not really pay attention to them, they seem to show it. Expressing attention to others is one of the components of building trust. Competence and integrity are other components of building a trust triangle. You can do nothing without gaining the trust of other people. But if you can gain the trust of your forces, you will be forgiven by them, even if you make a mistake.

Unsuccessful sales managers focus only on numbers and metrics and only talk about these issues with their staff. But successful managers know that while numbers and metrics are important, success is achieved through the care and attention of team members and staff. Expert managers meet with each member of the sales team every day; They call them by name and try to reach a deeper and more intimate relationship by knowing them and talking about their family and their concerns or interests.

at the end

If you are in the position of sales manager, you should know that the success of your team depends on the positive performance of your workforce. You need to keep in mind that salespeople are also looking to move up the ladder and climb the career ladder. So they need good pay and great goals to succeed. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. With this method, you will constantly see amazing results in your team.




5 Habits of Successful Sales Managers That Make Them Effective Leaders

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