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5 effective ways to learn faster and remember more

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Have you ever noticed that it is not so easy to learn fast as you get older? This is a reality that affects most of us, and when we reach a certain age, we can no longer read complex books for a few hours and memorize everything. It is natural that at the beginning, that is, as soon as we realize this, we get a little confused and fall into a trance. What is far more important is our approach to this issue: will we give in to this natural incapacity or will we look for a way to overcome it? If you have chosen the second approach, stay tuned. In this article, we will talk about 5 ways that help us learn faster and remember more.

Strengthen learning and memory skills and its role in improving living conditions

Before going into the details of the methods, it is not without merit. If you can use these methods, you will find a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. This new passion, in addition to improving your mood, is also effective in increasing self-confidence.

For example, imagine you have learned a new skill: a skill such as speaking, reading and writing in a new language. This skill can improve your quality of life in a way that you may not even think about. A reputable company or institution may need your expertise and mastery of this language, and in this way you will find a good job opportunity. You may even decide to spend the rest of your life in a country where you have learned the language and retire there.

No matter how the new skill transforms and improves your life, there is something in it that there is no doubt about: There is no doubt about it: If learning new things is as enjoyable as it used to be, a new spirit will be breathed into your life and you will be revived. . In this way, you will find more energy, you will be more active and life will be interesting and fun for you. Use the methods below to help you do this.

1. Keep training sessions short

It is best to limit the amount of time you spend on learning sessions as much as possible. For example, you can spend 30 minutes a day learning a new skill. If the skill required more time, start with 30 minutes and work your way up. Otherwise, you may lose track of the flow of information and continue the learning process due to the large amount of information.

For example, if you are going to learn a new instrument (such as a piano or guitar), it is better to be a little more patient and you do not want to learn everything you need at the beginning. Such an approach will most likely have the opposite effect and reduce productivity: with long training sessions, you will not only get mentally exhausted, but you will also irritate your fingers.

Instead, try to limit the sessions to the same thirty minutes, but on a regular, daily basis. This slowness and continuity makes progress certain.

The same is true of other things, such as reading a book about business or personal growth and development. If you want to keep all the key and important information of the book in long-term memory, it is better to read a chapter or part of the book every day. If you finish the whole book at once, you will miss some of the key information and forget it after a while.

۲. Using old learning methods

Old ways of learning - how to learn faster and remember more

Have you noticed that computers are used today to teach many skills and specialties? Of course, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this method, but, at the same time, it is not bad if we sometimes turn to the old methods and take notes using paper and pen.

Writing content doubles the impact of learning because, by writing something we have just heard, we acknowledge it a second time. On the other hand, if we do not do this, we will usually hear one and the other the gate, and after a while, we will forget. In addition, the handwriting itself is an investment, and the words that appear on the paper become important and valuable to us. In this way, the more we remember what we are learning.

As a way to make this method more practical, it is not bad if you make a notebook and always have it with you. That way, whenever a new idea or thought comes to your mind during the day, you can put it down on paper. Keeping a notebook with you during workshops and lectures can also be helpful, and in the meantime, key work-related topics can be recorded and used later.

3. Short nap

Short nap - How to learn faster and remember more

Studies have shown that when the brain receives a large amount of information, we can help store it better by taking a nap during the day. Short nap, in addition to devoting the recommended 7-8 hours to night sleep, enhances the attention span [بازهٔ زمانی توجه، به انگلیسی Attention Span، به زمانی اشاره دارد که می‌توانیم توجه‌مان را معطوف به موضوعی خاص کنیم] And increases mental awareness.

In addition, the afternoon nap helps the subconscious mind to process the information that has entered the conscious mind.

It does not matter if your goal is to study for a college or school exam, to prepare for an important work talk, or even to memorize the material in this article. However, by taking a nap, you can memorize and record the necessary information better and more effectively. In this way, brain function and memory are optimized.

If, despite these explanations, you are still not convinced about the benefits of sleeping in the afternoon to learn, we would like to draw your attention to the research that has been done in this regard:

According to a study by researchers at the University of Saarland in Germany, 45-60 minutes of short sleep during the day dramatically improves brain function. According to German researchers, the process of learning and memory function after such a sleep improves up to 5 times normal.

4. Avoid taking on multiple tasks in that unit

Multiple tasks at once - how to learn faster and remember more

When we are learning something new or a skill, it is necessary to focus our full attention on what we are doing in the moment.

For example, consider someone who is learning Spanish and, at the same time, prepares dinner and checks his e-mail. He may think that multitasking increases productivity, but the reality is exactly the opposite of his way of thinking. The same person achieves much better results if he spends thirty minutes concentrating on learning Spanish and then goes on to other tasks.

In offices, there are private companies and people who take on multiple tasks and tasks in that unit. Many people see these people and think how busy their heads are and their work must be productive and productive. But this is only the appearance of the matter, and they are in fact wasting their time and energy inefficiently.

It is like running, dancing, and spinning in that unit: not only do we fail to do anything right and principled, but we are ridiculed by others and ridiculed in particular.

5. Drink more water

Drinking water - how to learn faster and remember more

There are those who substitute carbonated beverages or the like for water. With the idea that the sugar in these drinks increases energy. This is not the case, and in fact, carbonated beverages dangerously lower energy levels and blood sugar levels. This means that you will be energetic for an hour or two, but suddenly your energy level will drop and you will feel tired.

With constant consumption of these drinks, you will gradually feel tired. In addition, they are harmful to the general health of the body, and it should not be forgotten that these drinks can not be counted on to provide the body with daily water. In this case, there is a possibility of dehydration, which is dangerous.

Consumption of 2-3 liters of water during the day can be effective and useful in many ways. Preventing this process, in addition to increasing energy and improving appetite, is also beneficial for better brain function. Consuming enough water throughout the day and limiting the use of fizzy drinks and the like is another way to learn faster and remember more.

One study found that students who drank enough water during the day were better able to answer test questions than others.


Here are five ways we can learn faster and remember more. It does not take much effort to do what has been said, and it can be done with one or two small changes in daily habits. Rest assured the result is worth the time.

The faster you learn and the stronger your memory becomes, the more motivated and confident you become, and the more likely you are to be able to do things that once seemed unattainable to you. Maybe with your new skills you can go back to college and study in your favorite field. Maybe you can start planning for the corporate business you have always been thinking about starting. You may even find enough motivation to start a book that you have always wanted to write about.

If we put aside our worries about the year and prepare ourselves to learn new skills by using what has been said, we have taken an important step towards improving our living conditions.

So put your doubts aside and think about the answer to this question: What is the skill or specialty you want to learn?




5 effective ways to learn faster and remember more

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