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4 Untold Truths You Need to Know to Start a Business

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If you are interested in the business world and follow related content and news, you have probably heard a lot of talk from entrepreneurs about the upcoming difficulties in starting a new business. The problem is that few entrepreneurs talk about how to succeed in the long run and sustainability of the business and talk about their experiences. In other words, it is the early stages of starting a new business that attract all the attention. But in the meantime, there is something much more difficult than that: it is nothing but keeping the business afloat in the long run. We have dedicated this article to this topic. In the following, we will introduce you to 4 unspoken truths for creating a sustainable business.

We are all more or less familiar with the daunting statistics of new businesses whose work has ultimately failed; Businesses that sometimes lasted even the initial stressful years, but unfortunately continued along the way, their success process ended and they went bankrupt. The first thing to keep in mind is not to allow statistics to make us so hesitant or discouraged.

Successful entrepreneurs may be a bit of a cliché, but we can not ignore the fact that most of them, from Steve Jobs to people like Ariana Huffington, did not succeed in the beginning; However, they did not give up and did not give up.

But what has been the secret of these successful entrepreneurs and how have they been able to sustain their business? We will tell you later.

1. Think carefully about the promises and promises you want to make

There are many entrepreneurs who make great promises to their customers and audiences out of excitement or whatever, but continue to fail to deliver on those promises. We should never underestimate the impact and power of our words and sayings: it is enough to go word-of-mouth among your audience that the quality of your products is not as good as you claim; Or, for example, your services do not match the expectations you created at the beginning. In such a situation, it is difficult to hope for the future of the business.

Unfounded promises and promises not only frustrate or frustrate customers, but also make them distrustful. The business relationship with the customer, like any other relationship in life, is based primarily on trust. If we can not build that trust in our customers or lose their trust for any reason, it will be more difficult to continue than it may seem at first glance. So think about the promises and promises you want to make and evaluate all aspects of the matter and see if you can fulfill them or not? Then talk to your customers.

۲. Appreciate your good and talented staff

Appreciate the efforts of good employees - build a sustainable business

If you really want to have a sustainable business, one of your priorities should be to hire and retain talented people. Good employees are what keep the business going; On the other hand, if the employees are not qualified enough, your business will be nothing but a fleeting dream.

Good employees can get the most out of their day-to-day work, giving you enough time to focus on more important issues such as how to grow and grow your business better and better.

It is true that the unemployment rate is high, but do not forget that someone who really has something to say in his work, is not satisfied with receiving a low wage and prefers to remain unemployed. When you find such employees, pay them a fair wage and show them that you will appreciate their efforts.

3. Faced with difficulties and hardships and do not back down

Enduring hardships - Creating a sustainable business

Entrepreneurship and starting a new business is hard and difficult. In this way, many problems will be in front of you. At the very moment when you think everything is going as expected, suddenly a knot gets in your way. If you want to have a sustainable business, you should not be discouraged by these issues and problems.

In a new business, sometimes things get so messy and complicated that you may want to take matters into your own hands. In such cases, it is better to think a little about your motivation for starting this business in the first days and thus encourage yourself. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight. Rest assured that over time, the process will be what you expect it to be.

Making mistakes is an integral part of any business, especially early on. Look at these mistakes as an opportunity to gain new experiences, and as someone who has taken on the difficult task of entrepreneurship, try to take better steps and make the necessary changes to improve your business.

4. Always stay in touch with customers

Customer Relationship - Creating a sustainable business

One of the mistakes that many businesses make is that they limit their communication with the customer to the time they are attracting. It is enough for the customer to sign the contract or buy the product; After that, they completely forget about it and go to attract new customers.

Do not make this mistake and always be in touch with customers, even your former customers. From time to time, send them a message or e-mail asking for their opinion and asking them to give honest feedback. While getting honest feedback is sometimes not easy (for example, asking someone why they no longer want to be a customer of your business), it can still help improve the reputation of your business and your relationship with former customers. In this case, if someone later finds out about a trusted business, they will most likely name your company or organization.

what is your opinion? What else do you think can be done to make the business sustainable? Share your thoughts and experiences with us and the readers of this article.




4 Untold Truths You Need to Know to Start a Business

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