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3 effective ways to motivate employees and increase their satisfaction

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If the workforce is happy and satisfied with its work, it will be productive and will increase the productivity of the organization. In order to have such employees, we must first of all think that the organizational culture in the workplace is good and attracts the interest of the workforce. But how can this demand be met? What should we consider to motivate employees? be with us. In this article, we will look for answers to these questions by referring to the statements of Matilda Colin. He is one of the founders Front Trading Company Is a company that has been in business in San Francisco since 2013.

First of all, let’s look at why motivating the workforce is important, and how fundamentally different generations of the workforce are from previous generations. “Over the past few decades, people’s expectations of their work have increased,” says Matilda Colin. In the past, as soon as someone got a job, they were happy and it didn’t matter much; But over time, that is likely to change, and people will begin to find jobs that satisfy them and enable them to develop their skills and abilities. Motivation, purpose, meaning and feeling of satisfaction are the components that today’s workforce is looking for in its job. “Organizations must seek to meet these expectations of their workforce if they are to be sustainable.”

According to Matilda Colin, there are three components that motivate employees. In the following, we will introduce and mention their details.

1. Employees need to know what the purpose and mission of the organization is

The first component that makes the workforce satisfied with their work and more motivated is understanding the main purpose of the organization. It is easier to observe this issue and inform the workforce about the purpose of the organization in small businesses; Because the managers of these businesses usually make decisions and advance activities during a daily process.

As the organization grows and grows, the manager will be able to maintain a track record of success by hiring the right people to lead the various subdivisions of the organization instead of making all the decisions themselves.

“When it comes to hiring someone for executive and managerial positions, I focus on whether or not the person I am considering has the ability to take on a particular position,” says Matilda Colin. “Is the job or position suitable for the person in question?”

Another point that managers of organizations should pay attention to in order to motivate the workforce is the importance of talking to employees about the mission of the organization. Managers need to spend a lot of time talking about this issue and making sure that employees are informed of the organization’s mission by conveying a clear message. Otherwise, the workforce may feel that it has been kept in the dark and that its efforts are in vain; He will lose his motivation after such a feeling.

Strategies for informing employees about the mission of the organization

There are popular and effective ways to convey this message, which we will mention below:

  • Send the latest news about changes and reforms of activities in the organization to the workforce on a weekly basis;
  • Sharing the results of board meetings with the workforce;
  • Holding meetings with all employees of the organization.

Getting feedback from the workforce about the organization’s mission, both in the presence of other employees and privately, is another strategy that managers can use to better understand the organization’s mission by the workforce.

۲. Employees need to know that they can use their unique skills

Unique skills to motivate employees

Every good workforce likes to use their unique skills in a way that makes them feel the impact on the growth and development of the organization. “I believe the most important question any human being can ask himself or herself is what unique skill he or she has to distinguish himself or herself from others,” says Matilda Colin. “What a special thing he’s doing better than others.”

Unfortunately, the busy schedule does not leave much room for the workforce to seek answers to such questions.

After a few weeks of decentralized work [(کار غیرمتمرکز یعنی نتوان بدون وقفه روی فعالیتی بخصوص متمرکز شد و کارهای ریزودرشت دیگر روند ثابت تمرکز بر آن را مختل کنند)], The burden of activity is likely to be on the workforce, and it will be reduced in efficiency and motivation due to falling behind on core tasks. Managers of organizations to avoid this problem and maintain the motivation of the workforce should think about planning a program to manage employee time.

Matilda Colin’s suggestion in this regard is to try to make it possible for the workforce to focus more on the activities that it is skilled at and better at doing; As a result, he spends his time on those activities. Workshops and other work of the organization in the discussion of time management should be our next priorities. In this way we can help motivate employees more.

3. Employees need to know that their activities are productive and effective

Effectiveness of activities to motivate employees

A person who is skilled at doing his job will eventually become discouraged if he cannot see the impact of his work on the final product; This feeling may even lead to leaving the job. Such sentiments in the workforce can be particularly troubling for organizations that deal more with information work than with the production of material products; That is, organizations in which the end product is the product of the efforts of a large number of people.

This example will help to better understand the subject:

The carpenter spends his time and energy building a table or something similar. Once the final product is ready, he will be completely satisfied with the result of his work; Because what he has made is tangible and he has prepared it almost on his own. In contrast, the situation for someone who is engaged in programming, for example, is different: the work of a programmer is only a small part of the final product and does not lead to production alone; Other experts review his work, update and change some parts.

According to Matilda Colin, we need transparency to prevent this from becoming a problem: in the sense that all employees can clearly see the results of their activities. Sharing the latest changes and results and key metrics with all members of the organization is one of the best ways to achieve this goal and motivate the workforce.

“As the organization expands, one of the things that comes to my mind is: How do I get them to know everything their employees need to know?” Says Matilda Colin. “As a result, I’re looking for ways to keep them informed.”

last word

Working will not always be absolutely positive and enjoyable. Sometimes even a productive and motivated workforce, in response to work needs, is forced to take on a task that is difficult and unpleasant for it. Sometimes you may have to endure overtime in the final weeks of completing a particular project; Because the delivery date of the product is close.

These are work necessities; Therefore, they are temporary and will not affect the motivation or efficiency of the workforce by taking the appropriate approach and considering the issues mentioned in this article. Managers of organizations need to balance their personal or family life and the work life of their workforce by planning regular and precise plans. Managers need to help the workforce know when to prioritize one over the other.

what is your opinion? Can you think of another suggestion to motivate employees? Share your opinion with us and the readers of this article.




3 effective ways to motivate employees and increase their satisfaction

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