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3 Advantages of online meetings over face-to-face meetings that make your work better

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With the spread of the Corona virus, many businesses have turned to telecommuting and meeting online. Over time, managers and leaders become more aware of the potential and potential of cyberspace to bring people together and move things forward. In this article, we examine these capacities by examining three successful experiences. Stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Many notes have been written about the challenges of telecommuting and online meetings, but we rarely read about their benefits; What facilities does the use of new communication technologies provide to the organizers, such as virtual polling, voting and brainstorming (brainstorming) more effectively and….

Although the coronavirus outbreak has led many companies large and small to move to online meetings, these organizations are gradually realizing their potential. As the Corona crisis unfolds, many managers will continue to use these methods.

Here are three important advantages of online meetings over face-to-face meetings:

1. Improve polls

Samantha is the manager of a company. He has held online meetings aimed at reviewing staff and manager pay cuts due to the spread of the Corona virus. After some discussion, it was time for him to make a decision, while only Katie, who is one of the supervisors, had expressed her concern; But Samantha is still not sure what the other team members think. He tries to understand what is going on in the minds of the members of the group by looking at them; But the image quality is not good enough for him to see what the members of the group think by looking at a small image. So he goes to the polls.

The simplest method of conducting a survey, which can also be done in person, is to ask a question with a yes or no answer. Maybe Samantha will ask such a question and come up with 9 yes and 1 no answers; But the website he uses to hold the meeting also has more advanced tools. He can define a range for wage polls: from 1 as a complete disagreement to 5 as a complete agreement.

Suppose six people choose option 5, three people choose option 4 and one person chooses option 2. So, what does this answer mean for Samantha ?! This poll shows that there is doubt. Although no one is opposed to wage cuts, three people seem to have doubts. Now he can ask fans of Option 4 to express their concerns. It turns out that the doubts of Katie and her group (the same three) are not so irrational; So Samantha corrects his decision to impose equal pay cuts on all members.

Of course, it was possible to conduct this type of survey in person, but it is rare for managers to do this in person. However, online tools make it faster and easier to implement.

2. Rewrite the structure of the meetings

Redesign the structure of meetings with the help of cyberspace capacities

Brian is the CEO of a large multinational manufacturing company. Every year, he, along with a large number of regional and local managers, has to attend intensive business meetings held around the world. These effective workshops are four sessions over two days in four consecutive weeks in four major cities around the world. Despite all this planning, some people are not always able to attend the meetings. On the other hand, the costs of these meetings are high; From the cost of flights to hotel reservation and catering.

Taking into account the benefits of online conferencing, such as cost savings, Brian suggests that by using cyberspace facilities, the structure of the company’s annual meetings can be changed. “Using cyberspace, you can not only attend regional meetings, but also attend meetings categorized by topic, level and purpose,” he says.

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3. Improved brainstorming

Andrew is the director of a $ 500 million company. With the onset of the corona epidemic, the company’s revenues were severely damaged and a large part of its revenue sources were lost. To compensate and find new customers, he held an online meeting with 12 of the company’s executives to find a solution.

At the beginning, Andrew divided the 12 into three groups of four and placed each in a virtual think tank. In arranging the members of the groups, he considered the personality traits of his managers. He left three of the most stubborn and introverted people alone with a strict facilitator and placed the rest in other groups. Andrew himself was constantly on the move between virtual think tanks, overseeing the conversations of all three groups. After 30 minutes, members returned to the main online chat room.

Representatives of each group read the received ideas and at the same time the image of the written ideas was displayed to everyone. Some ideas were modified and some were removed. Finally, an hour later, Andrew had 9 interesting and practical ideas about new potential customers, four of which he had never thought of.

Brainstorming in online meetings

Now it was time to review these 9 ideas to select three ideas to implement. Andrew sent a three-part table to the group members, the vertical column of which indicated the company’s potential ability to meet the idea, and the horizontal column indicating the potential desire of customers. He asked them to put each idea in one of the weak to strong states of realization. After voting and discussing each idea, Andrew and his team came together and selected three ideas.

Could he do the same thing in a face-to-face meeting ?! Absolutely yes, but it must be said that holding such a meeting in person takes much longer; For example, it may take 10 to 15 minutes for members to return from a half-hour break, while in an online meeting, members were present at the scheduled time after the break. Tools such as voting and tabulation also increased speed, accuracy, and accuracy.


The three examples above are just a small part of the well-known capabilities of ICT in meeting. In fact, every day more and more managers and leaders are discovering new ways to take advantage of the capabilities of these online applications.

Although the coronavirus epidemic has made many things more difficult, it also presents new opportunities for managers and leaders to find new ways and approaches to developing relationships between team members and getting things done. Undoubtedly, one of these opportunities is the capabilities of cyberspace.




3 Advantages of online meetings over face-to-face meetings that make your work better

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