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29 Questions to Ask Your Employer in Job Interviews

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Job interview is one of the most important and challenging experiences in our lives. In such interviews, as you are asked about your skills and goals, you also have the opportunity to ask about working conditions, work environment, payroll issues, and… the employer who intends to hire you. Do not forget these questions in your job interview.

A work relationship is a two-way relationship. You get paid for what you do and different conditions are provided for you by the employer. In job interviews, you are asked about your skills, work experience and attitudes, and you have the opportunity to ask your employer about working conditions. Before you get acquainted with the 29 questions in this field, it is better to pay attention to these two strategic points:

  1. Do not forget that the questions you ask will not only increase your awareness of your company’s circumstances, but may also misunderstand the interviewer ‘s view of you. With this in mind, be careful about the tone and timing of your questions. Make sure the interviewer pays attention to the tone and timing of their questions.
  2. In the current situation where the whole world is facing an unprecedented corona epidemic and this disease has affected various aspects of our lives, especially work, some of the questions you can ask should be related to these conditions. In addition to frequently asked questions about working conditions (such as working hours and pay), be sure to ask your employer these or similar questions so that you can have a clearer view of the future of your job and make better decisions.

29 Questions to Ask Your Employer in Job Interviews

General company questions

1. How did you get started? Why do you continue in this field? Have you been in this company for some time? Which feature of this job keeps you motivated?

۲. What is the key to the company’s success that people outside the company are unaware of?

3. What is your managerial style or that of my future boss?

4. How does my future company / boss monitor employee performance? How can I make the most of the performance review process to ensure I do the best I can for the company?

5. What kind of people are successful in this series? What kind of people are not successful?

6. Who are the heroes of your company? What do the most famous people have in common? Conversely, what are the common characteristics of people who are hired but later fired, fail, or leave the job?

7. What is your reward mechanism? Do you work according to the star model or team-based or stock or cash allocation? Why did you choose this reward mechanism? What do you hope to achieve from it, and what will happen if it is implemented? What are the pros and cons of your reward mechanism? If you could change anything else, what would it be?

8. How do the sales / operations / technology / marketing / finance departments work here? (That is, groups other than the group you are interviewed for in that section.)

9. Which company competitor are you most worried about?

Questions about the department or work team

Questions to ask the employer in a job interview

10. What are the best and worst working relationships of your group with other groups in the company? What are the weaknesses that you have to deal with on a daily basis?

۱۱. Who are my / our clients (internal or external) and how do they rate me / us? Who sees me / my team as a customer (internal or external)?

۱۲. What information is shared with employees (revenue, expenses, operating metrics)? Is this information easily available to everyone or are you conservative about disclosing it? How is information shared? How can I access the information I need to succeed?

13. Have you been forced to work or take compulsory leave in the last 12 months? Do you expect this to be permanent? Will such a situation occur again?

۱۴. What is the rhythm of work here? Is there a time of year when we have lighter work or sometimes we stay up at night or it is completely constant throughout the year? What about during the week / month? Is it almost evenly distributed throughout the week / month, or are there sensitive days?

۱۵. Which nightmare keeps you awake at night? What is your biggest concern about the future?

۱۶. How is the success of this group / team / company evaluated in 1 year? What about in 5 years?

۱۷. Is this a new job position or does it already exist? If so, why was it created and what do you expect from it? If so, where did the previous person go? What did that person really do well that you hope to see in the next person? What are the things you hope will change?

Questions about the impact of Corona on the organization and working conditions

Job interview and question from the employer

۱۸. If we are going to have a very successful year next year, what will it be like this year? What have we done to make it successful over the next 10 months? How does this position help you achieve those goals? How does the corona affect these goals? (With this question you can show your ability to perform tasks not only in a short period of time but also in the future of more than 1 year. By asking this question, you show your futurism.)

19. Corona has hit the economy hard, and now, when it comes to budgets, any job position is worthwhile. Why did you decide to hire someone for this position instead of many other plans / jobs that you could have hired? What happened to this job position that you prioritized over other positions?

20. How has the outbreak of coronary heart disease affected your team and how your company operates? Compared to other teams, how much has your team been affected by the changes caused by Corona?

۲۱. How has working from home affected your team’s productivity? What is the best boost to your team’s productivity and morale during a corona epidemic? Have you tried something that did not work?

۲۲. What are your plans for “return to normal”? What will be the normal situation in this company? What do you think of the 3 options for office presence, flexibility in the workplace, and teleworking for the workforce? (Please note that no one still knows the answers to these questions, so you just have to talk. There is no definite answer to this question.)

Skills and performance improvement questions

Job interview and questions you can ask the employer

23. What is your (or my future boss’s) hiring philosophy? Is your philosophy “hiring attitudes and teaching skills” or are you primarily looking to add people who are experts?

۲۴. If I get this job position, how can I get higher scores in my performance evaluation? What are the most important accomplishments you would like to see in this role?

۲۵. What kind of skill / user experience are you looking for in the person filling the position? What are the characteristics of a “perfect” candidate for this job position? How do you rate my experience compared to others? What shortcomings do you see?

۲۶. In my career, I have enjoyed working with large / small / growing / independent / private / public / family companies. Based on this, how successful will I be in your company?

۲۷. What are the three things I can do in the first 100 days of my career to make you feel good about my job?

۲۸. What will I be most surprised by in the next six months, after I start working with you?

And the final question;

۲۹. What is the time frame for deciding on this job position? When should I call you again?

Do you only answer questions in your job interviews or do you ask a few questions yourself? What effect do you think this has on the employer’s decision to hire the interviewee? Your opinions and experiences can be instructive for many.




29 Questions to Ask Your Employer in Job Interviews

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