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22 points that have been successful in motivating successful entrepreneurs

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It cannot be said that there is a definite way to find motivation. This issue is different and completely personal for everyone and is determined according to the individual’s preferences. In this article, you will read the secrets of success of 22 successful entrepreneurs. The events, activities, and people that have involved them and motivated them to succeed. Follow us and read the words of these entrepreneurs.

1. Creating an opportunity to become an entrepreneur for everyone

name: Harper Reed
Organization: Modest – (or the current PayPal)
Source of motivation: Public access; Create opportunities for all people.

One of the reasons I have to sell my company PayPal The impetus was this: PayPal has for years been able to give everyone access to things that only large, resource-rich companies can do. When I hear our CEO talk about it, I get motivated by what he says; Because he believes that this is the main part of working at PayPal.

۲. Hard work in all organizations

Shi Huang

name: Chieh Huang
Organization: Boxed
Source of motivation: People who do very difficult work in the executive departments of the company.

My life at Boxed started when I saw the CEO packing the boxes. There are many people who count on us and are confident that we make the right decision. This is what motivates me.

3. Passionate people

David Perkins

name: David Perkins
Organization: High West Distillery
Source of motivation: Communicating with passionate people. Their passion spreads to me as well, and the important thing is that these people are from all walks of life, not just celebrities.

I remember working as a packer in a warehouse one summer. No job is more boring than this. I was in love with someone who was very smart and I could have pleasant conversations with him. His job was to drive a forklift and he always did it with a smile on his face. He told me to try to do your best wherever you are. With the enthusiasm he had in his work, he conveyed a good feeling to everyone and made me always remember him today when working with others.

4. Customer feedback

Heidi Zack

name: Heidi Zak
Organization: ThirdLove
Source of motivation: I think what motivates me the most are my customers.

I always take the time to read customer feedback and conversations. It is very enjoyable to read positive comments and I always try to use constructive comments and criticisms to improve. Based on what my customers say, I decide to make changes and produce products according to their needs.

5. New opportunities

Jenny Rips

name: Jennie Ripps
Organization: Owl’s Brew
Source of motivation: I’m motivated by the fact that every day is a new day.

I think there is always an opportunity in every new day, especially when you are growing your business. We do not really know what awaits us, and I get so excited when I wake up in the morning!

6. Clever ideas

name: David Bladow
Organization: BloomThat
Source of motivation: I am very much inspired by Ilan Mask.

He gives people the opportunity to think big. It can be wonderful to be able to make people think big dreams. I do not agree with sending people to Mars, but I generally like these ideas.

My next source of motivation is my grandfather. He started from scratch and managed to have 10 home appliance stores. I always admire his courage.

7. Integration with society

name: Jeff Chapin
Organization: Casper
Source of motivation: I am motivated by good people and citizens in the community.

A significant amount of society’s progress is due to the activities of its good citizens; But this issue is not mentioned much. These people are everywhere and they are filling the gaps that the government is not able to fill. I am always fascinated by their behavior.

8. Empower others

name: Gavin Armstrong
Organization: Lucky Iron Fish
Source of motivation: Making change and empowering others.

I believe in the power of each person and I believe that one person and one movement can make a fundamental difference.

9. Ability to change the world

name: Oliver Kharraz
Organization: Zocdoc
Source of motivation: The fact that the world can change.

If we look back and see in what strange situations man has been able to succeed, we will be amazed. It is very hopeful to know that our fathers were able to get rid of dictatorial regimes that sometimes dominated a continent and achieve regimes based on the balance and understanding of humanity. It teaches me that any problem can be solved.

10. Teamwork

name: Tim Chen
Organization: Nerdwallet
Source of motivation: I’m impressed by the possibility of change.

In my opinion, the best way to motivate people is to convince them that they can achieve their goals and aspirations. When one is sure that one can do something, one will surely have more hope and motivation to continue.

۱۱. Travel and get out of your comfort zone

name: Kara Goldin
Organization: Hint
Source of motivation: One of the reasons I love to travel is that with each new trip, I find a new source of motivation.

As you travel, you will not only encounter different cultures and lifestyles, but also meet new and interesting people who can teach you life lessons and inspire you for your next idea. I always come back from a trip with a new perspective on my business and it helps us to always be thriving and creative in our organization.

۱۲. Collaborate together to solve problems

name: Bea Fischel-Bock
Organization: Hutch
Source of motivation: my colleagues.

I think you are very lucky to work with people who are passionate about solving work problems. I don’t think there is anything more motivating than this.

13. Mutual team commitment

name: Daniel Lubetzky
Organization: KIND
Source of motivation: I really like the way the KIND team works: how everyone is committed to each other and working towards organizational excellence.

There is a lot of energy in our team and this is clearly seen in the company. It helps me get better every day.

۱۴. People who work with intelligence and humility

name: Carrie Dorr
Organization: Pure Barre

Source of motivation: People who have a lot of intelligence and are just as humble. It’s a little hard to find such a combination. I am motivated by people who try to be the best but at the same time are humble.

۱۵. Courage and friendship

name: Bastian Lehmann
Organization: Postmates
Source of motivation: my mother.

She is a very strong woman. My mother coped with life and raised me and my brother in the best way. When I see courage in people, I get motivated by them. Friendship also motivates me and opens a window of beauty for me, both when walking and going to the gallery.

۱۶. Exposure to art and culture

name: Randi Zuckerberg
Organization: Zuckerberg Media
Source of motivationUndoubtedly, art, theater and culture.

Whenever I want to be inspired, I go to the theater. I spend a lot of time building the platform and it ‘s easy for someone like me to forget about art; So I should not neglect to engage in artistic activities.

۱۷. Honest customer feedback

name: Jordana Kier
Organization: Lola
Source of motivation: Customers.

Our customers are very enthusiastic and very outspoken. They always have positive feedback about our brand and give us helpful feedback on weaknesses that need improvement. The worst thing is to be indifferent to these people. We feel their enthusiasm and this is very motivating for us.

۱۸. Women’s patience

name: Katrina Lake
Organization: Stitch Fix
Source of motivation: My grandmother (from my Japanese vein).

He was born and raised in Japan, but had to immigrate to the United States, and when he accepted, he was able to learn English and live alone in Minnesota.

From my American background I can say that I am very inspired by my grandmother. Both he and his sister soon lost their wives. They were single mothers who had to raise several children at the same time and do housework.

All of this gives me a broad perspective on what can be done in life and empowers me to do hard work.

19. Giving people learning tools

name: Luis von Ahn
Organization: Duolingo
Source of motivationThings that motivate me have changed over time.

At first, I was motivated to work on complex and difficult technology issues. At that time, I did not care about the impact I should have and I just wanted to solve the problem; But what motivates me right now is the impact of everything. In the organization, what motivates me is our mission: to try to learn the language better.

20. Make women’s lives easier

name: Tracy DiNunzio
Organization: Tradesy
Source of motivation: Our customers and our team.

I do not know how lucky I was to have such colleagues. I think knowing that we are in touch with millions of women and trying to make their lives a little easier and empower them to love themselves more motivates me.
Watching our team grow and get better and stronger motivates me to go to work every day.

۲۱. Continuous work to improve the world

name: Alexa von Tobel
Organization: LearnVest
Source of motivation: I believe we are here to make the world a better place, and I believe that if we can do it, we must do it.

So what can inspire me is the thought of improving the world and improving people’s lives.

۲۲. The power of nature

name: Tina Sharkey
Organization: Brandless
Source of motivation: Nature.

I live near a forest and I am motivated by trees. The power of nature and the fact that we are only a very small part of a very large world makes me feel good. Such a view determines the value of everything.

The last word

Everyone can have a source of motivation. Not everyone is necessarily inspired by things that are out of reach. As you can see, many successful and great entrepreneurs in the world have been inspired by simple and small things and have been able to develop great ideas with them.




22 points that have been successful in motivating successful entrepreneurs

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