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20 Important Questions to Answer for Your Personal Development

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If you want to be rich in the future, there is an ideal way for you: invest in your abilities. Investing in personal abilities is what is called personal development. Personal development is a way to assess personal skills and abilities. If you can have goals for yourself and strengthen your abilities to achieve them, you will be on the right path of personal development. When you grow strong and add to your showcase your abilities, you will have a treasure that will not be lost through inflation or recession. Yes! Different personal skills and abilities will make you an independent and strong human being. Personal development is something like boosting self-confidence or learning job skills. With your development you can make better decisions in life and live more freely and happily. The journey of personal development begins with asking a few questions. What questions? You will get to know them later.

1. Where am I useful and can I do something for others?

Have you noticed that receiving help from others inspires us to help someone else? ‌ That is, when someone helps us, the desire to help another grows in us.

Assistance is one of the measures we need in the path of personal development. We must always ask ourselves in what areas we can help others. Every time we help others in a field, we grow and become more skilled in that field; So do not underestimate the importance of helping others in personal development.

2. Is it possible to achieve the goal without hard work and self-monitoring?

Ambitious people who are looking for success and flourishing of their capacities are constantly striving to reach their destination. They have a strict and accurate view of themselves and if they make a mistake, they criticize themselves and try to compensate. Obviously, this effort and strictness also puts pressure on them. But growth requires effort and needs to suffer and grow.

We can have no success without experiencing the hard days and fatigue caused by our tireless efforts. So if we want to achieve personal growth and development, we must make a sincere effort and constantly review and critique the process of our progress. No fisherman will catch pearls in a low pit that falls into a swamp. Pearls are for those who love the sea, try and, of course, know that it is not easy to face the violent waves of the blue sea.

3. What are the important values ​​of my life?

Personal values ​​include rules that help us make important and sensitive decisions. We feel satisfied when our decisions and actions are based on our values. So if we are to build on personal development, we must carefully define our values ​​and determine our course of action based on those values.

4. What is the most important thing in my life?

We all want to achieve things in life. Right? ‌ But one of our demands is more important than the others. This desire may be material or spiritual. Determining your most important wishes is very important. If we know it, other goals and directions of our life will be formed around it. So we have to ask ourselves what is our most important desire in life and give an honest answer to this question.

5. Am I willing to work hard to achieve anything?

Without suffering the suffering of treasure is not possible. Everything good in life is the result of effort and concentration. Sometimes we have a difficult path ahead and we are forced to face pains and challenges, but we must continue on our path for personal development. If we know that we are going to work hard to achieve something, we will more easily endure and overcome the pains of the growth path.

6. Do I look at the half full glass?

In life, we definitely face unpleasant situations. It is true that bitterness and hardship bring us fear and anxiety or other emotions such as anger, but it is also possible to take away from them an opportunity for growth and positivity.

Whenever we are faced with a difficult and negative situation, we must ask ourselves whether there is a window to light and brightness in it. We do not want to advise you on extreme positivity and even accept that in some unpleasant circumstances, it is not possible to change the perspective in a positive way; But in many cases, positive and desirable points can be reached from the depths of blackness and illness.

7. What is my reason for living?

To have a meaningful life, you have to live for something more than yourself. Do you agree that the previous sentence is very philosophical? There must be a reason for having a meaningful life; The reason and purpose that binds our souls and pushes us forward in the twists and turns of life. Victor Frankl (Viktor Frankl) is a German psychiatrist who says:

Success comes into your life when you have the capacity to achieve it.

Read the above sentence several times. Do not underestimate its importance, which is much deeper than it seems. In fact, the above sentence says that in order to attract desires and achieve desires, you must become someone who deserves that desire. In other words, you have to enlarge your container of existence to the extent of your desired happiness in order to achieve it.

8. Where in the world will I be in the next 5 years according to my current plans?

If we want to have an estimate and vision for our future, for example in the next 5 years, we have to see what we are doing now and what our daily plans and life trends are. Does our current path lead us to the desires we have for our future?

9. What should I spend more or less time on for personal development?

Have you noticed that most of us spend our time doing things that are not very important? ‌ If we want to say better and more accurately, it means that we do not have the right priorities in life. Real productivity means doing the right thing. So if the goal of personal development is to play a role in our lives, we must learn to make the right priorities.

10. Do our brains make their way into it?

Fatigue and despair

Do you believe that in life we ​​can be deceived by our subconscious mind? چه What is the matter? The fact is that we can believe the lie and lead ourselves to accept the truth; For example, escaping some truths is one of the things our minds do. Sometimes we even try to tell lies to ourselves and believe them. One of the most important things to do in personal development is to be honest with ourselves.

۱۱. What would I do if money were not in my life?

Do not skip this simple question; The question is very beautiful and interesting. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. We must say that this view is fundamentally wrong. Why? Because if we do not have all the money in Basat, at least for a part of our dreams that we can spend! But are we taking a step? The fact is that we do not know exactly what the dream life is that goes farther and farther away from us under the pretext of lack of money.

۱۲. What is my purpose in life?

This question is also very deep and of course general. Let’s make the story a little simpler: we need to know what we would like to be reminded of when our lives are over. The answer to this question allows us to look at our goals and plans and make a change in our goal-setting process: a change that affects the lives of ourselves, those around us, and our community. Purposefulness leads our lives according to our tastes and aspirations.

13. What motivates me?

Every development and growth in life requires effort, perseverance and commitment. We need motivation to be able to focus a lot on everything; So we have to ask ourselves what motivates us in life. For example, what can make us so excited that we wake up early in the morning and go to bed late at night? If we find the reasons for our motivation, we will take a big step towards personal development.

۱۴. How can I add more joy to my life?

Our life is something we make and pay for. In order to build this life, in addition to work and effort, we must also pay attention to fun and happiness. We need to ask ourselves what kind of joy and fun we enjoy in our free time. The answer to this question also forms a balance in life; The balance we need to live productively.

۱۵. Am I ready to change?

Individual development needs change. Of course, sometimes change is not easy and we resist it. The larger the change, the deeper the resistance. If we have a personal development building, we must be flexible about change; So we need to see if we are ready to change.

۱۶. What are the positive aspects of my life now?

Once we are on the path to personal development, we no longer have to go through many changes. We have to keep some things in life in order to have our own brand. We need to recognize the positive aspects of our lives and personalities and not miss them.

۱۷. What are the obstacles in my life that are rooted in the past?

Sometimes some things related to the past in our lives are serious obstacles to moving towards the future. We must not let the past stand in our way and let us experience life to the fullest. If we do not forget the past and are constantly captivated by it, it means that we do not see ourselves strong enough and capable enough to get rid of the past professions and its undesirable people; So it is better to put aside the past and identify with our present values.

۱۸. What parts of my route do I need help with?

We also need help in personal development, because some parts of the path are difficult and threatening; So we can not go on alone. We need to ask ourselves what parts of our personal development path need help from others. Our source of help may be a friend, spouse, parent, or even a technology tool.

19. Do I listen to my inner voice?

Most people seek help from their inner courage when making important decisions. This instinctual courage helps us to walk in the path or not. In many cases, trusting in the inner voice and instinctual courage is the right thing to do. We need to ask ourselves how much we listen to our inner voice and whether we use it for personal growth and development.

20. Have I tried hard enough?

Trying to improve lives

To achieve the goal, we must do our best and do not neglect anything. Some people blame the environment, other people, and even their teammates for failures; But they never ask themselves if I have tried hard enough. For personal development, we must be clear with ourselves and see how much we have tried and how little we have left.

at the end

Everyone should experience personal development in life. By striving for personal development, we can discover and show our better and more positive dimensions. The questions posed in this article will help us all to move forward more easily and become a better version of ourselves. What questions do you add to this list? Write your comments to us in the “Send Comment” section.




20 Important Questions to Answer for Your Personal Development

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