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19 things you need to do before marriage to start a successful life

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After years of uninterrupted study, effort, and effort, you have now reached a point in your life where you can finally form an independent family and, as the saying goes, get organized. But do you think you are prepared enough to take this important and crucial step? Have you considered all aspects of your decision? The truth is that behind every successful marriage, there are two people who have already weighed all the details of their decision over and over again and are as prepared as they can to take this important step. how about you? Have you done this? Have you ever considered making a to-do list before you get married? If you want to experience a successful marriage, we recommend that you do so. If you have no idea about these things, stay tuned for more. We want to talk about what you need to do before marriage.

1. Learn from your past relationships

If you have had a failed relationship, think back and revisit everything. What was your role in the failure of that relationship? Did you think to yourself that no matter what you do, your partner will stay by your side forever and remain obedient and obedient? Were you unaware of him? Did you blame him?

All of these questions are of particular importance, and you should think carefully about the answers before starting a new relationship. Only then can you become a better partner and companion and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

2. Make a list of issues you are not willing to compromise on

It is best to schedule your appointments in advance and define their tasks. You have values ​​for yourself that your partner should not force you to compromise or, in other words, fall short of. Of course, this coin has another side: you should not force him to compromise on his values. Do not forget to talk about this issue.

3. Learn how to trust others

Trusting others - things to do before marriage

Trust is one of the most important characteristics of any successful marriage and relationship (if not the most important characteristic). If you can not trust your future partner, then how do you want your marriage to have a solid foundation?

4. Know that your spouse or partner will not be the only part of your identity in the future

In order to have a proper definition and understanding of yourself, you need to sometimes be just yourself and not depend on others.

5. Spend time in solitude

Loneliness - Things to Do Before Marriage

The more comfortable you are with yourself in solitude, the more likely you are to be attracted to someone who feels comfortable around you. It’s not even bad if you spend some time away from your parents, in a dormitory or something like that: In this way, in addition to becoming somewhat self-reliant and independent and gaining skills, when you go under the same roof with your future partner, his value and new appearance You will know more about what it gives to your life.

6. Talk about all the important issues

Before taking the last step and finalizing the decision to get married, you need to talk about all the boring issues: suppose financial issues or possible health problems and…. For example, if your future partner owes 100 million tomans, do you think it is better to know now or after marrying him?

7. Take time for career advancement or consolidation

Career Progress - Things to Do Before Marriage

Although it is a cliché, it is true. You need to work on yourself before you can fully dedicate yourself to a serious relationship and commit to it.

8. Spend time with children

By doing this, you can find out if you want to have children or not, and before you get married, inform your future partner about your perspective on this issue.

9. Define your purpose for marriage

Purpose of Marriage - Things to Do Before Marriage

Have you really fallen in love with someone you intend to marry? Or do you just like the idea of ​​getting married? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with him? Or do you have such a passion for wearing a wedding dress and a suit and having a party? Maybe you have grown old and think that you must get married now and if you do not, it will be too late.

So before you take the final step, make sure of your true intention.

10. Be fair in arguments and lawsuits

No couple can escape these occasional lawsuits. The same is true for your future. Learn now to be fair in such situations. Otherwise, after marriage, you may say something out of the ordinary, slip, and later regret it.

From now on, be sensitive to this issue and try to be fair in the discussions that sometimes occur between you. It becomes a practice for the future.

۱۱. Learning how to love others as they are

Loving others - things to do before marriage

Do not expect others to change for you. When you go under the same roof with someone and take on this responsibility, it means that you have accepted him with all his strengths and weaknesses. So stick to your commitment.

۱۲. Learn some needed daily activities

How are you going to handle a marriage when you still can’t take care of yourself? It is not bad to think about learning to cook right now and take the time to learn how to repair household appliances and technical work.

13. Meet friends of your future partner

When you meet them, you may notice new issues that indicate your wrong decision to marry her. Maybe you have no doubt left and make sure he is the right choice.

۱۴. Meet the family of your future partner

Future partner family - things to do before marriage

When you get married, you enter the family of your future partner and your new relationship is not limited to him / her. Before you get married, sit down with her family and see if you can handle them.

۱۵. Achieving self-knowledge

Understanding the importance of self-knowledge is very simple: If you do not know yourself, you are not comfortable with yourself and you lose self-confidence when interacting with others, how can you be able to know the right person to marry? Someone who will stay with you for the rest of your life?

۱۶. Learn to apologize from the bottom of your heart

A heartfelt apology - things you should do before marriage

We all make mistakes from time to time and there is no escaping this. The important thing is to admit our mistake and admit it. By doing this, you show your future partner that you have reached the level of maturity that you are willing to make up for your mistakes, and for this purpose, you will do everything you can.

۱۷. Arranging and dealing with financial issues

Debt If you have, think about clearing it now and give yourself a little more trouble and save money than before. In this way, the burden of your financial negligence will not fall on your future partner later. Apart from marriage, do it for the comfort of your own mind.

۱۸. Focus on education

Education - Things to do before marriage

Of course, you may not be able to do this after marriage, but it is not bad to think about finishing your studies right now and getting your degree so that you can relax later and get on with your life and work.

19. Take a better and healthier approach to daily life

If you have a bad habit or behavior, try to put it aside. Eat healthy and exercise.

last word

When you finally find the right person to marry, you will have some exciting and tumultuous days until the moment of marriage. This may make you unaware of yourself and the conditions you need to have to have an ideal marriage. Do not let the situation get out of hand and oblige yourself to comply with it by making a list of the above. In the meantime, add something else to the list if you can think of something else.

what is your opinion? What else do you think we should do before marriage? We look forward to hearing from you with your comments, suggestions and answers.





19 things you need to do before marriage to start a successful life

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