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17 Ideas for Improving the Workspace That Increase Employee Productivity

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Assuming one works 40 hours a week in the office or workplace, one spends about a quarter of the total time one has at work. Working hours obviously require more energy and mental activity, and spending this time in the workplace will be challenging and sometimes difficult for everyone. This difficulty and challenge is related to the nature of the work; But it is possible to make the work environment better and more pleasant, and to bring a richer and more enjoyable work experience to the employees. This, in addition to other benefits, will increase the productivity of your employees. In this article, we will talk more about this issue and 17 ideas that by implementing them, you can create such an atmosphere in the workplace and achieve the desired productivity. Stay with us.

1. Providing equipment or holding fitness classes

Exercise is good for the human body and soul. If employees have access to fitness equipment in the workplace, they can take short breaks, exercise a little, and return to work refreshed and energized. You can even provide weekly exercise programs for staff.

2. Encourage employees to form social groups

A social group is something in which the members of the group feel united and united, feel that they are of the same sex, and strive to achieve a goal; Just like a football team or those who read a book together in a group. If you encourage employees to form a social group and they do the same, they will find a connection beyond the work relationship. They will also communicate better and more effectively with each other. This will definitely have a positive effect on their productivity.

3. Make more use of natural light in the workspace

Try to have the workspace somewhere near the window so that employees can do their work under natural light and have fun. If this is not possible, encourage staff to take occasional breaks, go out and get some fresh air.

Employees usually prefer to work under natural light to fluorescent lamps.

4. Helping managers to become capable leaders

Inefficient managers slow down the growing productivity process. If the guidance is not right, no one knows what to do or how to do it. And eventually everyone will be confused.

Providing training courses for managers and providing constructive feedback to them is a great way to help them grow and develop. Such managers encourage their employees to provide the highest level of work standards. In addition, they will be good role models for future generations of managers.

5. Provide a comfortable and good environment for employees

Benefiting from ergonomics and employee comfort when designing an office or office will definitely benefit you and them. Following these tips will reduce work-related injuries. In addition, when one is comfortable and feeling good, it is easier to focus on one’s work and be more productive.

6. Fill the fridge with healthy snacks and drinks

A healthy snack to increase work productivity

It is difficult to work with a hungry stomach. Even if we are to provide the energy we need during working hours with unhealthy foods, we may not achieve the desired productivity. It is best to make healthy and nutritious foods and drinks available to staff. This can be one of the benefits for you.

7. Provide the necessary facilities for easy preparation of tea and coffee

Although caffeine is not always considered a healthy substance, there is no doubt that it plays an important role in increasing employee energy. Provide a coffee machine for your work environment and always try to keep it full in the kitchen. Easy access to boiling water for tea is another good idea that you can consider facilities for this purpose.

Caffeinated beverages such as tea or coffee help keep employees refreshed throughout the day.

8. Pay attention to the number of work sessions

Workshops and their relationship with work productivity and work environment change

In many workplaces we see meeting after meeting. A meeting that is important and valuable to one employee may be a waste of time for another.

So you need to have rules in this regard for yourself and your employees; For example, everyone should know that 30 to 60 minute business meetings can only be held in an emergency; That is, when people really need to get together and consult with each other. In addition, employees or managers should be careful to invite only those to whom business matters are relevant and whose attendance is necessary.

You can also add that no employee is required to attend meetings to feel more free and empowered.

9. Have appropriate policies for granting leave to employees

The best way to overcome burnout is to take a few days off from work and go for a walk and have fun. Do not be too strict about giving leave to your employees. It is not even bad to encourage them to take leave yourself. Employees return to work with more energy and motivation after a break of several days. They will appreciate the opportunities they have and the fact that they are not taken too hard.

10. Having plans for non-working periods

This is another good idea to improve the workspace and employee productivity. On some days, close the office or company completely and gather all the members together. The purpose of this meeting can be to talk about the future of work and the company and its plans, or to participate in a group work or not. They definitely improve the morale of the staff and take the burden off them.

۱۱. Having clear goals and monitoring the progress of activities

Change in the workplace and have clear goals

If you do not pursue a specific goal, your employees will become confused over time and their productivity will decrease; Therefore, it is necessary to set specific organizational, group and individual goals for your work and monitor the progress of activities to achieve each of those goals.

This is a great idea to make sure all employees are doing the best they can every day.

۱۲. Rewards for progress

Now that individual goals have been identified for each employee, those who achieve their goals faster can be rewarded. Employees should not feel that anyone appreciates their efforts. Recognizing their efforts will not allow them to feel that way. In addition, it will encourage others to redouble their efforts.

13. Optimal work environment design

It has long been customary in offices and work environments to design the interior space in such a way that the part where the employees work is separate from the part of the managers. This idea is no longer very popular; Because it seems that employees and managers will be more troubled in such an atmosphere and the desired uniformity between them will not be achieved.

In recent years, more open workplace (flat) interior design has become more popular; In such a way that there is less distance between managers and employees and one group is not superior to another.

۱۴. Have a clear and regular schedule for working hours

Working hours and its relationship with productivity

Arriving early and leaving late is a source of pride for some employees; But the results of some research show that taking this trend will have its disadvantages in the long run. To prevent these injuries, it is best to set fair working hours in a reasonable manner. He also stressed to everyone that there is no need to come early or leave late.

۱۵. Decorate the work environment with works of art, vases and decorative lighting

The amount of time spent at work is not less than the amount of time spent at home. However, as much as attention is paid to the decoration of the interior of the house, the decoration of the workplace is not given much importance.

It is not pleasant to work against a white and lifeless wall. The solution is very simple: just design the wall with works of art such as paintings or decorative lighting. You can also use small shelves and flower and plant pots. Seeing these helps employees’ creativity. In addition, the interior takes on a new life and becomes eye-catching.

۱۶. Access to a common area between employees

It means a place that is separate from the main interior of the workplace and employees can go there to work whenever they want. This space works for when employees are a little tired of being in their usual work environment. At such times, relocating is sometimes what is needed to regain energy and motivation.

۱۷. Allow headphones to listen to music

Changes in workspace and listening to music at work

There are people who get in the mood and work better by listening to music. The idea of ​​playing music does not seem feasible to everyone in the workplace; Because it is very rare for everyone to be interested in a piece of music and enjoy listening to it. It is best to allow employees who wish to use headphones.

And finally that…

The best employees are those who feel satisfied and happy. They enjoy working with their co-workers, and it’s not like they work hard just to show appreciation; Rather, they truly see themselves as members of a family whose members work together to achieve specific goals. They make every effort to achieve those goals.

The ideas presented in this article will help you to create a work environment that encourages such employees. You can even implement other ideas with your own creativity; Ideas that he thinks will work for you.

We hope you enjoy reading this article and that it’s useful. If you have a point, suggestion or criticism, be sure to let us know in the “Post a Comment” section. We look forward to hearing from you. If reading this was helpful to you, please share it with your friends.




17 Ideas for Improving the Workspace That Increase Employee Productivity

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