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16 interesting ideas for memorable courtship

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Marriage and related ceremonies, such as courtship, are very important experiences that, if well and pleasantly, will linger on their sweet memories for years to come. So if you are planning to get married, it is better to be a little creative and think more about how to win the heart of the other party and have a unique and romantic day. These days, when the corona has invaded the lives of the people of the world with all its might and it is not possible to hold weddings, you have to put stones in areas such as courtship and make up for the missing parts. In the following, we want to teach you innovative ways to propose. Are yo ready?

Outdoor and public courtship ideas

You can take the initiative and make an outdoor plan to propose to the other party. This can be a very happy memory for you, but do not forget that you must also think about the personality type and mood of the other person when arranging special programs. For example, if he is a very shy person, he may not welcome being proposed to in public or outdoors at all.

1. Choose a special and beautiful place outside the house

Choose a beautiful place like a park or the roof of a hotel and a multi-storey restaurant. Your choice should be a beautiful and lovely place. Go to this place with the other party you intend to marry. Depending on how familiar you are with her, make a plan to present the marriage ring and propose.

For example, if you have previous acquaintances, ask someone in the environment to take a photo of you and the other person. Then, when you want to pose together and get ready to take a picture, kneel and present the ring. By doing this, you will give a lot of variety to your matchmaking and the moment of your ringing will be recorded with the camera.

۲. Bringing a band and expressing courtship with their help

This option is also suitable for those who are closer and closer to each other than ordinary people due to previous acquaintances such as acquaintances and family friends. In this case, it is possible to bring a band to an open space such as a park or garden or yard.

Hire a group to express in a more poetic way your desire to propose and marry the other party. If you can find a personalized poem that would be great. What is the meaning of the poem? A poem in which the name of the other person, the person you are going to propose to, is included.

3. Request from a street cartoonist

Ask a street cartoonist to draw your proposal from the other person and give it to you. To do this, you have to ask the other person to wait while you are on the street and let the cartoonist (coordinate with him in advance) draw your cartoon. The cartoonist who is already in the process draws and draws a cartoon image of your courtship or marriage with the other party.

When the work is delivered to you, the other party receives the message and realizes that you are going to propose to him in a different way. Of course, make sure that this method is in line with the tastes of the other party or not. Some people may not like it and your efforts will backfire.

4. Applying for a marriage in a fish tank

If there is a large and attractive aquarium shop in your area, go there and get a waterproof sign that says “Will you marry me?” Take it with you. Arrange in advance with the store owner and allow them to place this painting in the largest and most attractive aquarium in the store.

Then go to this store with the other party and get to that aquarium. Under the pretext of feeding the fish, approach the aquarium and draw the other person’s attention to the board and make your suggestion.

Travel Ideas

You can also use the travel courtship method to make the memory of courting your spouse last forever. Of course, this style of marriage proposal is also suitable for those who have previous acquaintances, such as family friends. Why? Because no stranger comes with you, does he come?

If there are previous acquaintances and friends between you and the other party’s family or you have mutual friends with him, make a trip to a beautiful nature or a lovely city and propose to the person with the following ideas.

5. Courtship on a beautiful beach

Choose a place to travel that has a beautiful sea and beach. Go to the beach with the person and try to accompany him and talk to him. Invite her to play with the sand, and as you build a sand tower, use the wedding ring to complete the last floor of the tower, place it on top of your sand tower, and propose.

Another idea for courtship on the beach is to ask the other person to close his eyes and then write your marriage proposal in a nice handwriting on the sand. After completing the post, ask him to open his eyes and read your post.

In Iran, Gisum beach, Hormoz Island or Chabahar beaches are good options. Of course, if you are not local, you must comply with Crohn’s travel restrictions.

6. Applying for marriage after climbing the peak

Arrange a mountaineering program or tour and invite the other party or plan so that he will definitely come. After climbing the peak, be with the person you love and propose to him by kneeling and offering the ring. Such an agreement becomes a funny and memorable marriage. The fatigue of both of you will disappear after a sweet ascent. Isn’t that so?

7. Matchmaking in a beautiful garden

On the other hand, invite them to go to a garden like the beautiful and visited botanical gardens. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Because nature is beautiful and provides you with a romantic bed, you will never forget such a marriage request; Of course, if the other party gives you a positive answer.

Matchmaking ideas at home

This model of courtship is also simple, but may not be very practical in the corona. During the outbreak of the virus, we should distance ourselves from each other and reduce the number of parties. It is dangerous for people to gather together. We are currently introducing this method for you to use for a safe and secure day.

8. Courtship with a T-shirt and a balloon

This style of courtship also requires prior acquaintance. If both families know each other or the bride and groom of the future are connected through mutual friends, it is possible to implement this idea.

What should you do? Ask guests to wear T-shirts that you have prepared for them. One word on each guest’s T-shirt, including “Will you marry me?” Written. They all wear these T-shirts and at the moment of the party you ask them to stand together to take a souvenir photo.

Ask the other person to take a picture of the guests. When everyone is lined up and standing together to take a picture, your message will be displayed on their dress and the photographer or the future bride / groom will receive your message. It’s funny, isn’t it? You can also use a balloon instead of a T-shirt.

9. Design a puzzle or marriage proposal table

This model of courtship is full of creativity and you need to spend some time to design it. what should we do? Design a puzzle or table with the phrase “Will you marry me?” Appear at the end.

For example, draw a puzzle in which the sentence appears after it has been sorted, or draw a table that completes the marriage request sentence in an index row of table cells. Give the table or puzzle to the other person and ask them to complete it.

10. Prepare a red ribbon of memories

If you already know the other party and know each other through family friendships or working together, for example, it will be possible to implement this plan. Make a red ribbon and hang small notes on it. These notes should contain the memories you have of the person or address them in the notes and write something for them.

Put a ring at the end of the ribbon so that when you have finished reading the text of the notes, your partner will reach the ring and receive your marriage proposal. It becomes interesting. do you accept?

Matchmaking ideas with technology tools

Technology tools are not meant to be spaceships. Rest assured! In this section, we want to talk about how to propose with tools such as mobile phones; It is simple and accessible and there is no need to worry.

۱۱. Preparing a song for courtship

Make a list of beautiful and attractive songs and send it to the person you want. Now either prepare the songs for him in the form of an integrated file or send it via mobile phone. At the bottom of the list, put a song that means courtship and marriage. If you have a personalized song, that would be great.

It means a song that is made for that person and has a poem that addresses the name of the person in front of you and a song that suits your situation has two people. Of course, making such a song requires ordering from a fan and a little effort.

۱۲. Send courtship message

Are you surprised by the title of this section, which means sending a courtship message? Do not be surprised. Not so strange and complicated. You can make an appointment with the person you want to date. Do not give him the full address and guide him when he gets around the place by texting.

In addition, the messages that lead the party to the place are the words “Will you marry me?” Send it to him one by one and when you get the question mark، Show yourself.

13. Creating a page on social networks

Create a page on one of the social networks and in the introduction section, declare yourself committed to a relationship. For example, write that you have a fiancé. Then show your page to the person and see how they react. Put her in a position to ask you questions about your fiancé and take the discussion to a point where she understands that you would like her name to be your fiancé.

Food-courtship ideas

Courtship at a picnic

The idea of ​​courting in a restaurant with the help of food is also a simple and attractive idea, and if it is in harmony with you and the other party, it will leave you with happy memories. But what to do? ‌ Let us give you some suggestions:

۱۴. Making a basket of delicacies and rings

Prepare a basket of snacks or delicious foods and place a ring between them. If the other party is an acquaintance, friend, or co-worker, this works. Giving this basket and waiting to see the other side’s reaction is also a creative idea. If you implement this idea in the form of a picnic, it is not a bad idea.

۱۵. Prepare a cake with a proposal on it

Arrange in advance with a pastry chef and ask them to prepare a cake that says: Will you marry me? Then go to the pastry with the other side and take him to the same cake. If the name of the person in question is written on the message of the cake, that is great.

Surprise the other party with this. Take the cake and go to a cafe or restaurant to celebrate and have a cake with the other party and keep the memory of the courtship day sweet in your mind forever. In these corona days, what better if the cafe is open!

۱۶. Put the message of marriage request in the special menu of the restaurant

Invite the other party to the restaurant and coordinate with the crew in advance to put your marriage proposal on the chef’s special menu. Ask the waiter to bring me the menu. When the other party opens the menu, he is surprised by your offer.

Sounds like a creative proposal. Isn’t that so? Of course, you still have to be careful whether the person in question likes such surprises or not. Because if he does not do such things, he will suffer, you have to deal with the feeling of rejection and your time will not be very memorable.

at the end

Courtship and marriage can be sweet and unforgettable memories. If you have chosen your partner with all your being and consciously, with happy memories such as using pure ideas for courtship, you can fill your life with sweet and charming memories. Which method did you like the most? What other interesting offer do you have?





16 interesting ideas for memorable courtship

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