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16 ideas for making brain teasers at home with easy and cheap methods

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If you are tired of online games or games with phones and computers, build Children’s intellectual game And adults themselves are a fascinating pastime. You can get a little creative and experience fun and engaging games with friends and family by making a few changes to the classic games. In this article, some cheap and easy ways to make an intellectual game at home will be introduced.

1. Making colorful backgammon

You might say to yourself that buying a ready-made board is much easier than making it; But if a little boredom and creativity Have, build backgammon At home and playing with it will be a fun pastime for you.

By choosing the colors you want, you can make a board according to your taste and the layout of your home. That way, when you’re not playing, you can use the board you make as a home decor.

2. Convert unused blackboards to scrabble tables

Scrabble is an idea for making brain teasers at home

Scrabble is a word game for two to four people. The page of this game is a 15 x 15 table. The letters of the alphabet are written on the scribble cards. Participants should place the cards in the table in such a way that meaningful words are created in the relevant row or column. Using large tables in group games is an interesting idea. To have a larger scribble table, you can draw your table on a whiteboard or blackboard at any size.

3. Play outdoor games at home

Carpet _made _play_intellectual _in_house

You can use a piece of carpet (or cloth) and plaster to play outdoor games such as “Lily”, “Walking between houses”, “Dose”, “Playground” and.. Just draw the game screen with the help of chalk on the carpet and start the game. You can use unbreakable cups or bowls as beads to play dose and point.

4. Game Monopoly

Monopoly _construction _intelligence _in_home

Play Monopoly Or Repoli is an old game. For this game, you need a game board, two series of special cards and a dice. The object of the game is to take possession of certain cells on the game screen. If you are not familiar with the rules of this game, you can search the Internet to read useful information about it. Today you can even install this game on your mobile phone and use it. But if you want a little variety, you can find patterns for this game on the Internet. Print the pattern in the appropriate dimensions and then paste the printed image on a wooden plate with the help of adhesive tape or liquid glue. Your playground is ready. If you are a good designer, you can design and print your own pattern instead of printing ready-made patterns. If you do not have a printer, you can also paint the game screen on cardboard or paper.

5. Build a chessboard with Lego

Chess _made _imagine_play_in_home

Are you familiar with the benefits of chess for children? Increasing concentration and acquiring problem-solving skills are among the positive effects of chess on children’s minds. If your child does not want to play on a regular chessboard, create a chessboard for him using Lego and his own. If your child is interested in Lego, be sure to welcome the offer.

6. Game Checkers

Checkers _made _intelligent _play_in_the_house

Chess board and board pieces are the main necessities Game Checkers are. In checkers, the sides of the game move their pieces obliquely. If a player can pass over another player’s pieces, those pieces are removed from the game. For variety, you can use bottle caps or small stones instead of beads. Paint the beads with gouache or colored paper. Select your favorite page. Divide and color the page with a pencil like a chessboard and experience a different checkerboard.

7. Guess Who game


This game with fun and colorful pictures of friends and relatives is a fun game, especially for teenagers. To play this game, just print a collection of photos of friends and family and ask participants to identify the photos. Participants can also talk about people’s birthdays or good memories of them.

8. Tic Tac Toe (Dose)


Tic Tac Toe or our dose is a two-player game. In this game, participants take turns marking the cells in the table. The winning participant is the one who completes a row, column, or diameter of the table faster than the other with its own symbol (usually a cross or a circle). By creating a little variety, kids will be attracted to this simple game. This time, instead of paper or a mobile phone, use flat boards as a game board. Find a few small, smooth pieces of rock or wood, and after painting them, start playing.

9. “Take the box” game


This game is also one of the most interesting games, especially for children. The main process of the game is very simple; Participants must lift the box off the ground with the help of their hands and mouth. You can use any type of box for this game. You can set a path for the game for the participant to take after picking up the box by mouth. However, you are free to set the rules of the game.

10. Running computer games in reality

ستلر_سخت _بازی _فکر _در _خانه

Some games have pro fans. Holding parties to play these games is very common among their fans. The Settlers of Catan game is one of these games. This game is so interesting that one of the bloggers interested in this game has made a real replica of it. You can also simulate your favorite computer games in reality, if possible.

۱۱. Memory games

Memory Game - Making an intellectual game at home

You can print or draw different images in color and use these images for memory play. In this game, the images are placed back and forth on the game screen and participants must find similar images. This game is cheap and fun.

۱۲. Rain and rainbow game (snake and ladder)

This game is another version of the snake and ladder game; With the difference that in this version, black clouds and rainbows replace stairs and snakes. Whenever you reach the bottom of the rainbow, you have to climb the rainbow, and whenever you come across a black cloud, you will fall down. Print as many rainbow and cloud images as you want and paste them on the game screen. You can use the same snake and ladder designs.

13. Turn a tea tray into a game screen

Consider an old tea tray as a game screen. Using colored paper, make a few trees and stones and place them on a tray. You can also use small toy animals as forest animals. Kids will love making this game and having fun with it.

۱۴. Print various pages of a game

Print game page Making an intellectual game at home

Continuous play with a Manch board may be boring for children. An inexpensive way to have multiple game pages is to find a variety of screenshots of this or another game page on the Internet and print them in color.

۱۵. Invented a game with paper labels and emoticons

Making an intellectual game at home - playing with tags

If you have a creative mind, instead of simulating existing games, create your own. To do this, use your art and imagination. Consider a topic and, accordingly, arrange the game page with the help of tags.

۱۶. Convert old games to new games

If you want to create and design a game, you have to consider a set of rules and run the game according to these rules. Otherwise, turn one of the existing games into a new game with a little change and innovation.

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16 ideas for making brain teasers at home with easy and cheap methods

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