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15 mistakes that shorten the life of your smartphone

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Many of us these days are heavily dependent on our cell phones. We are very upset when the performance of the phone decreases after a short time. But we are the only ones who should be blamed! None of us bother to know the intricate details of the phone and the things that make it work better or worse. This causes us to unknowingly do things that shorten the life of the phone. Here are 15 mistakes and misuse of the phone. We also explain how we can avoid these mistakes to increase the life of the phone and its battery.

1. No need to waste battery power

New lithium-ion batteries have no memory; This means that the time and amount of charge of the phone battery is not recorded. Most manufacturers estimate that a battery can have between 400 and 600 charge cycles. According to Apple, Charging cycle means using the full capacity of the battery.

According to the company, you can charge your lithium-ion battery at any time, and you do not need to wait until the battery is 100% charged before recharging. Apple says a charge cycle is complete when 100 percent of the battery capacity is used, but not necessarily the capacity of a single charge; For example, you may consume 75% of your phone’s battery capacity overnight and then fully charge it overnight. If you consume 25% of the battery capacity the next day, you have consumed 100% of the total battery capacity, and in these two days your phone’s charge cycle has increased by a figure.

A charging cycle may take several days. In lithium-ion batteries, the battery capacity decreases slightly each time the charge cycle is completed. Therefore, battery life does not depend on the number of times it is charged, but on the amount of battery charge consumption and the number of completed charge cycles. So to increase battery life, avoid things that waste battery power in vain.

2. Use permanent battery charging methods

Have you heard that if you do not disconnect the phone battery from the charger after charging 100%, the battery performance will be maximized? This claim is not true. There is a controller inside each device that prevents too much current from entering the battery; Therefore, your phone works correctly and accurately in this regard.

So you do not need to charge your phone constantly. If you do not always keep your phone 100% or almost 100% charged, you will get the most out of your phone battery. The battery works best when the charge is between 40 and 80% of the battery capacity; So if possible, always keep your phone charge in this range.

3. Use cheap chargers

Everyone loves cheap shopping; But if you buy a charger at a very cheap price, you have to ask yourself why this product is so cheap. Using these cheap chargers is dangerous. Firstly, because most of these chargers are not equipped with an internal controller, and if you charge your phone more than 100%, the phone battery will most likely overheat. More importantly, using these chargers is dangerous for the safety of you and your home. When these chargers overheat, there is a possibility of electric shock. These chargers may also cause a fire.

4. Use ultra-fast chargers

Although we all like our phone to fully charge in less than 1 hour, not all devices are equally resistant to using ultra-fast chargers. On many devices, using these chargers will weaken the device and its battery much faster than standard chargers. If you are unsure about your phone’s resistance to ultra-fast charging, check to see if your phone manufacturer approves the charger you want to buy.

5. Do not remove the protective cover of the phone

Mobile phone manufacturers usually provide a list of suitable protective cases for each mobile device. These cases have the ability to protect the phone while the phone is being charged for a long time without causing problems with overheating. If the reason for the phone overheating is that the case is not suitable for battery temperature while charging, the case will cause more damage to the phone.

Of course, there are other reasons, some of which are specific to specific earphones or cases. However, there are many protective frames on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Due to the high variety of protective cases on the market, manufacturers can not explain all of them and say which one you can use.

6. Do not fully drain the phone battery

Most manufacturers recommend that you allow the battery to discharge to zero percent approximately once every 3 months to prevent the effects of a full charge or full discharge, and then charge it to 100 percent immediately.

7. Put the phone in high temperatures

Something as hot as a lithium-ion battery may not be as destructive. Placing the phone near heat sources will weaken the battery quickly. For this reason, placing the phone in direct sunlight is also not recommended. Of course, you should also consider the issue of the phone screen.

New phones have high-quality screens, but even these high-quality screens can not withstand the harmful effects of sunlight. Sunlight can change the color or dim the screen of the phone. Replacing the phone screen is not an easy task and is relatively expensive. Most people prefer to buy a new phone when the phone screen needs to be repaired.

8. Put the phone in low temperatures

In cold weather, the phone’s battery needs more charge to maintain its performance; Therefore, exposing the phone to cold weather is detrimental to battery life. You have probably noticed by now that the battery charge decreases much faster when the phone is constantly exposed to cold weather. Of course, in the cold you can use your phone; But when you are not using the phone, put it in a place like a jacket pocket to protect it from the cold.

9. Increase screen brightness

The brighter the screen, the more battery you will need to charge. If the screen brightness is 100% and you constantly turn on the screen to see the clock or new messages and notifications, you will drain your battery faster.

Bright wallpaper also makes things worse, as it naturally makes the screen brighter. When choosing a wallpaper for the screen, it is better to use darker images to save battery power. If the screen brightness reaches 30 to 40%, the screen will still be clearly visible and there will be no problem. In addition, you are protected from the effects of blue light at night.

10. Ignoring power fluctuations

If you think charging devices during a thunderstorm is safe, you should reconsider. It is true that electrical devices are generally resistant to some medium overvoltages, but nothing can compete with lightning power.

Charging your phone in the event of a lightning strike with the main electrical system that supplies power to or near your home can instantly damage your devices. This is more about usability and keeping the phone usable and electrical outlets than about increasing the performance of the phone.

۱۱. Ignoring ports and screens

When the phone is in the bag or pocket for a long time, it quickly absorbs dust. Because ports are inputs to the device, this may cause dust to enter the phone. When you repeatedly insert the charger and headphone jack in and out, the dust that has already entered the port is more compressed. Cover the toothpicks with a soft cloth and use it to gently remove dust inside the gates.

Dust also sits comfortably on the screen. You can better see the contents of the screen by wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth. Never use liquid cleaning spray to clean the display; Because these sprays contain ammonia, which severely damages the screen. Use safe methods to clean and disinfect your mobile phone. Simply wiping the dust off the screen is enough.

۱۲. Phone contact with water

Contact of the phone with water will damage it. If the phone falls into a pool, sink, toilet, pit or sea and you can pull it out, remove the battery, memory card and SIM card as soon as possible. Put them in the rice as soon as they are taken out. Rice absorbs water and can save the phone and its parts; Of course, there is no guarantee.

In general, it is best to keep the phone away from any contact with water. This includes wet areas such as steam rooms and saunas; Because steam is also composed of water and can enter the device and become liquid and water again.

13. Impact and exposure to unnecessary heat

Most handsets are relatively sturdy and have a strong protective cover or outer cover. However, the impact of small blows, falls and multiple collisions accumulates and damages the phone. When driving, it is better to place the phone in a fixed place so that it does not collide with objects and things around it. These small blows can also damage the device.

On hot summer days, try not to leave your phone out in direct sunlight. The heat of your hands also creates more heat and overheats the device.

۱۴. Frequent software updates

This method of protecting your phone may not seem wise, but it’s a good idea to take a step back and think about why updates are available. Applications are constantly updated, while the hardware of the phone, which you will probably not upgrade for at least another 2 or 3 years, remains the same. Updates are made to maintain the compatibility of advanced application technologies with older devices; Therefore, the more powerful a program becomes, the more memory and energy it needs to maintain its performance on a device that may not be fully compatible.

So whenever an update is provided, do not download it immediately. Before you blindly tap the update button, first look at user feedback on installing the update; Because after updating the software, it will be impossible or at least very difficult to get back to the state before the update. Do not forget to install the appropriate antivirus.

۱۵. Do not use cloud storage space

The more files stored on the phone, the more pressure is put on the phone. However, if you store most of your files in the cloud, the phone will be less full and have more resources to perform the tasks and tasks you do with it. In addition, if your mobile phone is damaged or lost, you can access your cloud storage and recover all your data and files.

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If we take care of our mobile phone and follow the above, we will probably not need to pay extra for a new phone for several years. Undoubtedly, many of you have valuable ideas and experiences about cell phone maintenance and related problems. We are happy for you to share these experiences and comments with us in the “Post a Comment” section.




15 mistakes that shorten the life of your smartphone

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