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15 Important Tips to Get Hired Sooner

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Hiring is a complex process. In order for employers and HR professionals to choose you from the hundreds or thousands of job seekers, you have to pay attention to many points and details, from the way you dress to your resume. If you are one of those people who are trying to find a suitable job but have not yet succeeded, reading these 15 tips can help you. Follow us to the end of this article to change this process and find the job you want faster.

Many people who have been looking for a good job for some time are locked in, frustrated and frustrated. They go for any job and do their best to attract the attention of employers; But they fail every time. The best thing to do in such a situation is to evaluate your resume, appearance, job interview style, and و instead of blindly trying to see where you went wrong.

Here are 15 points that are important in better understanding these mistakes and, consequently, in finding the right job.

1. Use the advanced search section of job search sites

The use of virtual job websites and networks has flourished these days. Many companies and employers publish their job advertisements in these sections. Each of these websites is equipped with search engines so that both employers can search for applicants’ resumes and applicants can find the job opportunities they are looking for.

If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. By saving search criteria, this section will save you time and help you find the right job.

2. Apply for jobs that suit your situation

It is not a good idea to send a resume and fill out an application form for any job that comes your way. This will save you time and energy. Look for a job that suits your situation and abilities; This way you will have a better chance of being invited for an interview. Before you start looking for a job, first ask yourself what kind of jobs are right for you.

3. Do not wait for an employer to respond

If you have applied for a job and there is no news yet, you do not need to wait for the results to be announced; This is a waste of time and you may even miss out on new opportunities by rejecting a previous application. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. It has long been said: “Free stone and free sparrow”.

4. Check your resume summary

Most employers spend just a few seconds looking at your resume summary. They want to know if you’s worth working for their company; So writing compelling, accurate, and concise abstracts that are designed to fit the job will have a significant impact on your selection for other hiring steps.

5. Review and edit your resume

Design your resume to fit your job

Not only the abstract but also the resume itself is important. Your resume should be constantly reviewed and updated. Try to design your resume in a way that is most relevant to the jobs you want. Most large companies use special software to screen their resumes; So the more relevant your resume is to the job you are considering, the more likely you are to choose.

6. You do not need to enter all your work experience in your resume!

Some people think that the more detailed the resume, the better; Because it shows their abundant experience and knowledge. This is a misconception. Many employers do not want to know all the details of your years of experience. They just want to meet their work needs. On the other hand, some jobs do not require much experience, and incidentally, a lot of experience, which is sometimes a sign of the applicant’s older age, is likely to become a negative factor in employment. Just enter the necessary and useful information in your resume.

7. Write non-job information in your resume as well

To have a good resume, you do not need to just write a resume. You may have been unemployed for a while and during this time, you have learned various skills. You can add skills, professional attitudes, volunteer activities, etc. to your resume to better display your rich and multifaceted personality.

8. Pay attention to your clothes and appearance during the job interview

Achieving appearance and posture is effective in finding the right job

You might say that people’s appearance should not matter. its definitely true! But that does not mean ignoring your clothes and appearance. The first few minutes of the first meeting are always important and have the greatest positive or negative impact on people’s attitudes; So your clothes and appearance need to be in a way that has the most positive impact on the interviewers. Every job has specific appearance requirements. Dress appropriately for the work environment you intend to enter.

9. In a job interview, be yourself!

Practical answers, fake smiles, and professions that you think will attract the employer (instead of what you really believe) will mislead the employer. Employers want to know who they are really hiring. It is also impossible to hide the character for a long time. Be yourself and answer questions honestly.

10. Share your skills and experiences in the form of memories and stories

Expressing professional memories is one of the ways to find a suitable job in a job interview

One way to impress interviewers is to present their work experiences in the form of memories and stories. In answering their questions, try to describe your skills and abilities in the context of the events you experienced in the previous work; In this way, the employer both realizes your practical experience in dealing with work issues and better understands your personality.

۱۱. Never gossip!

One of the big mistakes of job seekers is to slander their previous job and former boss and colleagues. Thus, the first question that comes to the mind of the interviewer is what such a person would say about us if he left the company ?!

۱۲. Always send a thank you message after each job interview

One of the best ways to get a job interview is to send a thank you note. This message, while showing your appreciation, is an opportunity to show your interest and also point out the points that you may have forgotten during the interview.

13. Network

One of the most important ways to find a suitable job is to have a lot of professional connections with different people. Try to expand your professional communications, both online and in person. Maybe this interaction with others will work for you.

Networking to find the right job

In recent years, the professional-social network LinkedIn It has become very popular among working Iranians and companies. You can also use the capacity of this space for networking.

۱۴. Get a letter of recommendation and a letter of introduction

In any job, try to include referrals and referrals from others in your resume. Ask former managers and colleagues, customers, business partners, and ‌ to write recommendations for you. These tips show that you are an experienced and reliable person. To avoid receiving pre-designed referrals, ask them to write about a specific topic about you.

۱۵. Apply for a job more than once!

Sometimes you send a request with a resume to the company. Some time passes and there is no news. Suddenly you see again that the company has announced the need for the same position. In this case, sending the request again is not an obstacle. It is only a good idea to review his resume and abstract this time to make sure it meets the stated needs. Also use the power of your communication network as an indicator.

A few more details

Always lighten your shoes before attending a job interview. Interviewers will definitely look at your shoes. Pay attention to details. Job search is a complex process in which many details are involved.

Read each job application carefully before sending it online or by email; In particular, be careful to spell the name of the company and its hiring manager correctly.

What other points do you have that may play a role in finding the right job? What is your experience? Share them with us in the comments section.




15 Important Tips to Get Hired Sooner

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