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15 group games for Mafia fans; Attractive and useful entertainment especially for periods

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Is there a place for playing in your friendly circles and gatherings? If the answer is yes, you know how much fun group games are. If the answer is no, remember to try games like Mafia. You must have heard the name of Mafia game. It is true? This game, along with other similar games, can take boredom from any group and entertain everyone present. In this article, you will get acquainted with Mafia and games like it.

1. Mafia or Werewolf

In Mafia, a group of good people are confronted by a group of evil people, and the good ones try to determine the identity of the traitors before they are killed. Mafias or villains secretly kill someone every night. Other players are trying to identify the Mafia.

Advantages: Many can participate in the game. The game is interactive and simple.
Disadvantages: To control the game, you need an expert narrator or observer.

There are different roles in this game; For example, a fortune teller can guess once in each round whether the person he is referring to is a mafia. The game observer confirms or denies the fortune teller’s guess. There is another role called the doctor that can give a person safety at any stage of the game and prevent him from being killed.

Trying and arguing to show others that you are innocent and not a Mafia, and guessing other people’s plans makes the Mafia a very interesting game. The mafia has no cost and no special facilities.

2. Travel Ticket / Ticket To Ride

Advantages: Simple but strategic and requires thinking, suitable for all ages.

If you like Mafia style games but would like a shorter run time, consider Ticket to Ride. In this game, players must try to put the train on the track that brings them the most points. Each person, in addition to trying to get the most points, must also block the path of other people.

The feeling of blocking the path of other players is very enjoyable and attractive. This game is one of the board games (slave game) and the operation goes with the board. There are also bonus and score cards in this game.

3. Taboo

Advantages: It is fast and simple and has nothing to do with luck.
Disadvantages: With each player’s wrong move, the team’s defeat will fall on him.

In a limited amount of time, you should give your teammates clues to guessing a word. In order for your team members to be able to guess the word, you need to get help from keywords and phrases. This makes the game funny and fun; For example, if the word in question is ice cream, you can guide your team members by saying words such as cold, sweet, flavorful, and so on.

There are also forbidden words that you should not use in the description of each word. There is a penalty for using such words. The game is played with cards from which you describe the words. If you can not prepare the game itself, take the initiative and design and build it yourself.

4. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Similar Mafia Games - Betrayal at the top of the hill

Advantages: Diversity and fun, the need for strategic thinking.
Disadvantages: Long playing time.

This game is longer than the other options that were introduced and of course has more complex rules. In this game, players help each other to discover enchanted houses. During the game, one of the team members becomes a traitor and tries to hurt the others.

This game has different maps to discover the enchanted house, which means that every time you play, the shape and image of the game changes; For example, in one round of the game you have to fight a monster and in another round a traitor appears. In general, you will encounter different adventures each time you play.

5. Apples and Apples Against Humanity (Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity)

Advantages: Simple and interactive.
Disadvantages: —-

These two games are similar. The game has a referee who shows a card to the players. This card contains a word or phrase that identifies the game team, and players must see which option is most relevant to the card or word in the middle.

Next, the referee examines the cards and identifies the best combination of the players’ cards with the original card. The one who makes the best combination wins the main card. This process continues and the player who collects the most original cards will eventually win.

The game of apples or cards against humanity has a similar process to each other. The only difference is in the type of words and phrases that are made in each card game. If these games are not available to you and you can not buy them, there is no problem. Once you have learned the process, you can design it to your liking.

6. Pantomime or Speechless / Charades

A family is playing pantomime.

Advantages: Simple, quiet, interactive.
Disadvantages: The game requires a relatively open space to run.

Everyone knows pantomime. One person explains a word or phrase without saying a word with facial and body movements, and others have to guess what the word or phrase is. However, in the new version of the game that we are introducing, players no longer say their guesses as loudly as in the past. Here, everyone should secretly write down their guess about the word or phrase that is performed with adabazi.

Players who guess correctly get a positive score. If none of the players can make correct guesses, all of them will be awarded a point. This game is fun and attractive and does not make as much noise as traditional pantomimes.

7. Family name (Stergoris)

Advantages: It is simple and interactive and has nothing to do with luck.
Disadvantages: —-

This game for 2 to 6 people will test your knowledge and information and of course your creative thinking. Here’s how it works: One letter of the alphabet is randomly generated, and players have to make words with that letter in different subject groups. Time is also limited; For example, if the letter Sin is mentioned, you should line up related words in a specific semantic group, such as snacks: potato, primary salad, buttermilk, and so on.

After the writing time is over, players read the words to each other and comment on the lists to see if the words in them are related. Half the fun of playing the same conversations is to accept or reject each other’s word lists.

8. Avalon / The Resistance

Mafia Games - Avalon

Advantages: Very happy and fun.
Disadvantages: After the game, you lose the trust of your friends!

This game is also in the category of similar Mafia games. In this game, there are good and bad feet. Of course, in addition to killing the good guys along the way, the team of villains is trying to secretly disrupt various missions. Good people should try to identify other good things and take them on a mission. The evil ones also have a duty to deceive the good ones with deceptive tricks and to cancel and ruin their missions.

Here, like the Mafia, there are different characters, each with roles to play. In each round of the game, a group of good people go on a mission. The players who make up the mission team together must determine whether they will advance or win their mission based on defeat. This is done secretly.

Avalon has five rounds and each team needs three rounds to win. As mentioned, there are different roles in this game; For example, there is a role called Marilyn that even if the members of the good team have won three rounds, the bad team can win by recognizing who Marilyn is. Of course, remember that this game is a little more complicated than the Mafia.

9. The Last Werewolf (One Night Ultimate Werewolf)

Advantages: Ability to play in large and numerous communities.
Disadvantages: Complexity.

In this game, like the Mafia, each player is given a character with special characteristics. One of the people in the game is a werewolf and the goal of the game is to recognize him. The game ends when the winner is determined when the werewolf is killed. Game rounds end quickly and this is one of the attractions of the game. The difference between this game and Mafia is that players have more freedom of action and initiative.

10. A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Advantages: Simple and fun.
Disadvantages: –

This interesting and new game falls into the category of mafia games, but it is more diverse. In the original version of the fake artist game, the name of New York City is mentioned; But in the version that is available in the Iranian market, the fake artist goes to Paris! Of course, if you do not find it ready, there is no problem. You can design and build it yourself. All you need is a whiteboard or some paper and magic.

In this game, one person becomes a fake artist and the rest become real artists. Real artists know the code word; For example, the password “Shrimp” is selected. Everyone but one is unaware of it. When the game starts, you bring a white board or paper and some magic, and someone announces what group of words the password is in and announces the start of the game to everyone.

For example, if the word is a code word, that person declares that the word is a sea creature. To begin with, everyone should take turns painting a part of that password. A person who is a fake artist should also accompany others as if he knows what the password is and should not let others know that he is unaware of the password. The task of the other players is to identify the fake artist.

۱۱. Love Letter

Mafia Games - Love Letters

Advantages: A fun and interesting game takes a little time.
Disadvantages: —-

The story is that about 2 to 4 people participate in this game and want to deliver love letters to distressed princes. The queen has been arrested for treason and her daughter is upset. Everyone wants to send their love letters to the prince, who is locked in a room in the palace, from far and near.

As a player, you have to rely on intermediaries to get your message across to the troubled prince and ask him to marry her. During the game, you will have a hidden card in your hand. This card represents the person who delivers your message to the prince. At the end of the day, you should try to get your love letter to the person closest to the prince and let the prince know about your engagement sooner than the other rivals. In this game, you will have cards in hand, each of which has a certain value.

۱۲. Mascarade

Masquerade intellectual game is one of the mafia games

Advantages: Happy and attractive, requires thought and strategy.
Disadvantages: This is not easy for all ages.

This game is similar to the Mafia and can be played by 4 to 12 people. Like other games that go by hiding people’s identities, the identities are not clear, and each player, as a party attending a masquerade, must try to identify other people: Who is the judge? Who is a thief, king or servant and…. This game requires a good memory and progresses by bluffing.

13. Spyfall

Spyfal game is also interesting and spy. At each stage of the game, one of the players plays the role of a spy and is unaware of where the players are meeting. The spy must know the meeting place and not allow his identity to be revealed. Other players must prove that they are not spies with questions and answers, and also identify the spy.

۱۴. Secret Hitler

Mafia Games - Hitler Secret

Hitler secretly also falls into the category of mafia games. In this game, the fascists want Hitler to come to power and the liberals want to stop them. All players except the fascists must close their eyes. Hitler also opens his eyes and raises his hand to announce his presence to the fascists.

In each round, a set of laws is presented at random, and the goal of the Liberals is to either pass five liberal laws or kill Hitler. The fascists must either pass their six laws or bring Hitler to power.

۱۵. Werewords

Words is also a fascinating mafia game that can keep you entertained. In this game, there are sinister wolves that you have to save the city from its evil presence. To save the city, you must identify the magic word. This word is determined by the mayor of the game. However, the story is that the mayor knows the word, but has lost the ability to speak and utters only limited words such as yes, no and maybe.

Players must come up with a magic word by asking key questions and tips from the mayor; Of course, keep in mind that there are time limits, and if the players can not find the word during this time, the city will not be saved.

at the end

Mafia games and the like are fun pastimes for your leisure time. Now that Corona is not going to go and we have to spend more time at home, it is better to learn different games and have fun with our family. Which of the following games do you know or do you like the most? Do you know any mafia games? Can you introduce us?

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15 group games for Mafia fans; Attractive and useful entertainment especially for periods

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