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15 Fun Ideas for Kids Play Outdoors

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Would you like your children to stop watching cartoons and playing with a tablet or mobile phone for a short time and have a little physical activity? If you answered yes to this question, join us. We want to talk about fun ideas for children to play outdoors that will make them more active. Ideas that both get rid of clutter and boredom at home and help them make friends and make new friends.

1. Throw the bag in the hole

The first fun idea to introduce children to outdoor play is to throw the bag in the hole. To play this game, you need a sloping board with a medium hole on it, just like the image below, but not with such precision. Use unused wood (or sturdy cardboard) and tilt it with a pedestal. You can even use a small basket instead of a sloping board

Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement with raisins, beans, or anything else you like, or use a small tennis ball. The one who can throw the bag in the hole wins the game. The loser also helps you set the table.

2. لِی‌لِی

Lily - Some fun ideas for outdoor children's play

In the alley or yard, draw lily squares with chalk and entertain the children with it for a while.

3. Flexibility game (limbo)

Flexibility Games (Limbo) - Some fun ideas for children to play outdoors

You need a relatively tall stick to play this game. Two people grab the stick and the other children try to get under the stick by bending over. Lower the stick so that one of the children wins the game. If you can, you can install the wood somewhere like the picture.

4. Play chair

Play chairs - a few fun ideas for children to play outdoors

To play this game, you need several chairs to gather the kids in the open air. The number of seats should be one seed less than the number of children. With the music playing, the children have to turn around in the chairs, and when the music stops, everyone sits on the chairs. Anyone who does not get a seat will leave the game. Set aside snacks, sweets or a small prize for the loser so that he does not get upset.

5. Crossing obstacles

Crossing obstacles - a few fun ideas for children to play outdoors

With this fun game you can challenge children. Build large barriers in the yard with large plastic rings and other items you can find with your creativity, and ask your children to cross them. The faster you reach the end point, the winner.

6. Go and take it

Look around - some fun ideas for outdoor children's play

With the help of this game, you can help strengthen children’s skills in solving problems. To play the game, you need several different tools: spoons, magic and anything at hand. Divide the children into two groups depending on the number (if there are two, two single groups) and give them a list containing the names of the devices. You need to turn them up in advance so that the children can follow them. It is better to give them clues as well. The team that finds all the equipment sooner wins the game. Consider a prize for the winner.

7. Various sports

Miscellaneous Sports - Some fun ideas for children to play outdoors

If your child is interested in sports, let him or her do that activity with friends in the yard or on the street. All you need is two small football gates or portable basketball hoops. Or, for example, install a short tour for volleyball.

8. Follow up

Push-together - some fun ideas for children to play outdoors

The good thing about this fun idea is that it does not require any special tools. The children follow each other, and the only rule is that the one who follows the other should try to hit him gently. The position of the pursuer is then changed to that of the pursuer. Children can play this game outdoors to get bored.

9. tug of war

Tug of War - Some Fun Ideas for Kids Play Outdoors

This game is also familiar to everyone. Gather the kids in the neighborhood and entertain them with this game. If the number of children is small, there is no problem and you can still play.

10. Play with a sprinkler gun

Spray gun game - some fun ideas for children to play outdoors

This is a fun game for hot summer days. Give the children a few spray guns and ask them to spray water on each other. They both cool down and get some water to the trees in the yard.

۱۱. Capture the flag

Capture the Flag - A few fun ideas for outdoor children's play

Capturing the Flag is a fun strategy game that is more suitable for older ages. To play this game, you need two flags and two groups with the desired number of people. Each group selects an area as a base and places the flag on it. Members of the other group must try to capture the flag and take it to their own base. You can also tie a piece of cloth to a wooden base to make a flag.

۱۲. hide and seek

Musketeer - Some fun ideas for children to play outdoors

It is possible to play this fun game with three people. Of course, the busier the groups, for example, the fact that there are 12 of them makes the game more exciting. Just try to set a limit for children to play with so that it is not too difficult to find those who are upright.

13. Horse

Horses - Some fun ideas for outdoor children's play

Use this fun and interesting idea to improve your kids’ basketball skills. Each child must repeat the throw of the previous one. If he can not throw like him, he is given the first letter of the word “horse”. The same process continues, and whoever gets the three letters of the horse sooner loses. You can use any word you think is appropriate instead of “horse”.

۱۴. Shoot the cans

Shooting Boxes - Some Fun Ideas For Kids Play Outdoors

This game is exactly like a rocket launcher, except that instead of having sex, they have to run to the can and shoot it.

۱۵. Passing the ball

Passing the ball - a few fun ideas for children to play outdoors

This is another fun and great idea for children to play outdoors. You just have to give the ball to your children. In this way, they gather in the alley or yard and pass together with a soccer ball. Do not forget that if they choose the alley to play, warn them to be careful of cars.

If you have another fun idea for kids outdoors, please share it with us and our dear readers in the comments section.

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15 Fun Ideas for Kids Play Outdoors

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