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13 bad habits when studying; Improve the quality of your learning

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Sometimes, despite hours of study and effort, we do not get the results we expected and do not know where the problem is. Maybe the way we study is wrong and we need to change it. In the following, we will examine the wrong habits that exist in many students; Habits that we can put aside to get better results and be more productive.

13 Wrong Habits When Studying

1. Start a study session without a schedule

Before you start studying, write a plan for yourself and specify what goals you should achieve after studying. Set a goal for each reading session; For example, specify at the end of the session what concepts you should be able to explain or how many pages of your assignment you have completed.

۲. Doing homework at the last minute

To solve this problem, write down the delivery time of your assignments on a piece of paper and write down a schedule of when you should work on each one. Start doing homework at least 1 week before their due date and gradually complete them. This way, doing homework will put less pressure on you.

3. Spending hours studying without achieving the desired result

Pay attention to which part of the day you are most productive and try to spend most of those hours studying and studying. Some people are more alert than ever in the morning and more willing to learn; But others perform best at night.

4. Underestimate distraction factors

Pay attention to distractions while studying
Mobile phones and social networks are important factors in distracting us while studying.

Many of us underestimate the impact that the environment has on our ability to study. Distraction has a negative effect on study time and learning quality; So when we try to focus on studying, we have to eliminate all the things that distract us; Things like cell phones and TVs and computers.

We should try to study in a calm environment; An environment in which distractions are minimized.
  • Distraction with social networks and mobile phones

To deal with social media and cell phone distractions, log out of your social media accounts and turn off your cell phone. Postpone going to Instagram or texting friends to breaks between classes or even better, to when you have finished studying and doing your homework.

  • Studying in front of the TV

Set aside less space at home to study and study so you can study your lessons away from distractions. Use this place only for study and study. This will allow you to get your homework done quickly. If possible, do not use the bedroom to study; Because the bedroom should only be your place of rest and sleep.

5. Reading the night exam

Living the night on exam night is one of our wrong habits in studying

Lack of time during exams is a common problem that many of us face. Usually during the year, our responsibilities, tasks and activities take precedence, and this means that we have only a few hours to study before the exam. This lack of time causes us to stay up and study on exam night. This insomnia over time has an adverse effect on our sleep patterns.

We all need to rest before the exam, because sleep helps the brain process and retain information learned during the day. This information is categorized and stored during sleep, and it is important to categorize and store information when we need to recall details. Long hours of study without rest and sleep have the opposite effect, because the brain can only retain general aspects of information; But reading at intervals in a few short sessions allows us to keep more details on the subject.

Start studying early and read a little each night. Reading material over a longer period of time helps you better remember information and identify areas that need more study time.

6. Do not ask questions when you have difficulty understanding

Ask the teacher for help when we do not understand

Spend a few minutes each night reviewing what you learned in class that day. Write down what you did not notice and show it to the teacher for more help.

7. Memorize content instead of understanding and learning it

Instead of memorizing content, try to connect it with what you have learned. Create a mind map and use it to relate information to each other and gain a deeper understanding of the content.

8. Do not use the work schedule

Use your work schedule every day for 1 month. In this program, write down the history of projects and exams and homework. Once you get used to writing all your homework in this program, it will be easier for you to remember and plan to do your homework on time.

9. Improper time management

Improper time management is one of our wrong reading habits

Time management is an essential skill for any product. Setting weekly schedules is important for balancing study time, rest, physical activity, social and family events, and more. Some people use schedules or to-do schedules to organize their time during the week.

Proper time management reduces stress, and stress reduction helps to learn lessons better throughout the year.

10. Writing irregular notes

First, put notes on each topic in your own folder and arrange them. Then practice taking good notes. Try different note-taking methods and choose the most appropriate and useful method.

۱۱. Learning from your mistakes

Successful students always learn from their mistakes. Do not give up if you score badly on an exam or assignment. Use this experience to find areas where you need to work harder and get better. Plan for better results in the next exam or assignment.

۱۲. Consumption of low-value foods

To succeed in school, we must avoid low-value foods

Our bodies are made of the things we eat. Sometimes lack of time, lack of motivation or ignorance leads to unhealthy eating habits. Ready-to-eat fast food is high in calories and high in fat, sugar and salt. The body needs good sources of energy to perform daily functions.

A person who does not eat the right foods gets tired faster, and this has a direct impact on his ability to concentrate and study.

13. Consumption of energy drinks

Some students consume energy drinks to stimulate the brain, increase energy, and improve their concentration; But constant stimulation of the brain in such a way increases the likelihood of dependence on these drinks. In addition, energy drinks contain a lot of dangerous chemicals that can harm students’ health and lead to increased anxiety, insomnia, headaches and even cardiac arrest.

Facing the wrong habits of studying

You can achieve academic success by focusing on your current learning skills. Identifying problem areas (or areas where you can improve) will help you solve any problems. Finding the best way to study is a continuous process and there is no definite answer to it. However, successful students have study methods and habits that you can use to reach your full potential.

You need to know how to get rid of bad habits and develop more effective and useful habits to achieve academic success.

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Do you have the wrong habits that we mentioned in this article? Do you think the ways we have dealt with these bad habits are effective or do you have better solutions? We are happy for you to share your experience and suggestions with us in the “Post a Comment” section.





13 bad habits when studying; Improve the quality of your learning

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