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12 Wrong Behaviors in the Workplace That Make You 10 Years Older

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With the advancement of technology and the changing ways of working in different companies and organizations, experienced employees who have been in the same job position for years may be challenged. The most important of these is adapting to the new situation. If you are in such a situation, not accepting the changes can be costly. In this article, you will learn about 11 mistakes that will make you 10 years older and jeopardize your job position.

1. Low motivation to upgrade

If you have been in a company for a long time, a career promotion may not be as appealing to you. Unfortunately, this also has an impact on your behavior. Your inattention and lack of work in this area can be costly for you and send the message to the employer that you are no longer interested in this job. So instead of neglecting career advancement opportunities, work hard until the last day to deliver acceptable performance.

۲. Motivation to learn

These days, different businesses have changed the way they work. Not having enough motivation to keep up with these changes and learn new ways will lead your managers to conclude that you are no longer suitable for the job.

Motivate yourself to learn, even if you love old-fashioned ways. Know that nothing is going to stay the same forever; So you have to change too.

3. Tendency to show remoteness

Teleworking is a new phenomenon. Perhaps you, who are in the final years of your career, did not even think that a problem such as the coronavirus epidemic would create such working conditions.

However, even after this crisis, many companies have become inclined to do so; So you need to be motivated enough to adapt to this way of working and learn the necessary skills.

4. Incompatibility with new technologies

Not adapting to new technologies

Today, advances in computer science and the advent of new software have revolutionized many ways of working. Many things that used to be done on paper or by hand are now done with the help of computers and behind the screens of monitors.

Working in social media, management software, and even business video calling are all examples of these changes. If you do not work with these new tools, your job performance will suffer.

This can embarrass older employees, says Amanda Kay, a human resources expert. However, he advises: “Do not apologize for not knowing something. “Accept that many things have changed and try to adapt to them.”

Use all learning capacities. Seek self-learning resources and use your experiences to enrich learning new technologies.

5. Improper handling of instructions

Improper handling of instructions

As the work environment changes, so do the regulations. For someone who has been in a job for many years, following these new instructions can be difficult, especially if issued by someone 10 or 20 years younger than you.

Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Do not consider this an insult; Rather, it may be an opportunity to keep a job or even advance your career.

6. Ask for respect from others because of your work history

The fact that your managers are years younger than you is something that may be difficult for you to deal with; However, disrespecting them or disobeying their orders is not in anyone’s interest.

If you are looking for the respect of others, you should give them the same amount of respect you are asking for.

7. Tendency to work alone

Reluctance to work in a team

Today, the work environment tends towards teamwork. If you are in your 50s or 60s, you may not be used to it; Because in the past, things were often done individually.

Today, employees are expected to be teamworkers. If you can not adapt to these conditions, you will have job problems.

8. Insisting on doing things manually

Despite the stubbornness of many to do things manually or on paper, there is not much left to do today. Even if you think doing a manual job is better, your employers are unlikely to accept the idea.

It is better to automate things and enjoy it. After all, working smart is better than working hard.

9. Improper reaction to criticism

We all need constructive criticism to improve our work. Although it may seem a little embarrassing to receive criticism from someone who is not as experienced as we are in a situation, let’s look at it as an opportunity to do things better and let age and experience aside from our judgment.

10. Not accepting more responsibility

Today, job responsibilities are more fluid than ever before and cover areas that may not be obvious at first glance. Your job description may change quickly as you change the way you work in the business in which you are present; So instead of taking a negative approach and avoiding responsibility, it is better to associate yourself with these changes and show more responsibility.

۱۱. Apologies for not knowing

If you do not know something or do not understand it, do not apologize or make excuses. It is true that you have years of experience, but many things have changed. The best way to deal with new issues is to ask about them.


Year should not be an important criterion in the job. There are many ways to create a friendly environment regardless of the year. If you feel that your age has affected your job performance, talk about it with co-workers to find the right solution. Be flexible and seek to learn as well as adapt to new situations.

What do you think about this? It’s a good idea to share your experience with these or other items that you think have a place on this list.




12 Wrong Behaviors in the Workplace That Make You 10 Years Older

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