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12 different personalities in the workplace and the right way to interact with them

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One of the important components that makes being in an environment enjoyable or painful is the people we deal with in that environment. Each co-worker in the workplace has their own special personality; Therefore, not all of them can be treated in the same way. Paying attention to this point is very important in our career development, and because of our job and profession, the company we work for, and ourselves, it is better to get along with as many of our colleagues as possible and know the right way to interact with them. Here are 12 different types of colleagues, how to recognize them and how to deal with them.

1. Winner

This colleague is the person to whom the boss refers whenever something needs to be done. Basically, in describing the winner, it can be said that he is an ideal employee. The winner is the person who is always relied on in critical moments or big projects. Needless to say, this person has a long list of accomplishments, stays calm and focused in all situations, and has the ability to take responsibility. The winner is one of the most important and valuable assets of the company.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Always support and encourage these types of colleagues, be grateful to them, and ask yourself, “What can I learn from this person to make him or her even better?”

2. Silent Hero

A silent hero is one who does his job without the appreciation he deserves. This type of colleague is an important person in your group. He prefers not to attract attention. The silent hero does his best every day and does his best. This person is very similar to the “winner” but is usually underestimated and not paid much attention; But his presence is essential for the company.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Make the silent hero feel that his achievements are being noticed. Of course, you should not make a fuss about this issue; Because he has no interest in attracting attention. Try to get him out of his comfort zone: Put him in situations where he has to lead the group and take on more responsibilities.

3. the coach

A coach loves to teach you things beyond the purely technical aspects of the job. He eagerly shares his knowledge with you and helps you gain a broader perspective on how you work for the company. Do not be afraid of coaching assistance to advance your career; Because this partner only wants the best for you.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Be a good student and listen to all his advice; Because your career path and career will not be complete without a coach. It does not matter what your current position is; Because in any case, having a good coach is very valuable. Pay attention to his insights and knowledge about your job and profession; Because this person can give you more practical skills and knowledge.

4. پیش‌کسوت

A veteran is someone who has been a member of your organization for a long time; Undoubtedly, other colleagues and himself mention this issue from time to time.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Do you want to know about the history of the company or the early years of its operation? A veteran is someone you can ask your questions to. Be sure to involve this colleague in daily discussions and decisions so that he does not feel that he has been ignored.

5. Friend

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A friend is someone who is with you at work and outside. This type of colleague can play many roles: he is the one who listens to your opinions and ideas, you can always trust him and he is with you in difficult situations. Sometimes this colleague is your closest and closest friend.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Appreciate the friendships you have at work! This colleague is someone you can always count on. If you are new and looking for a friend at work, be open and kind and try to build good relationships with others.

6. funny

Humorous co-worker creates an informal and lively atmosphere in the workplace. He sees life as beautiful and is a master at preventing stressful situations.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Enjoy all the jokes and jokes of a humorous colleague, as long as these jokes do not offend anyone. Be careful that these jokes and hobbies do not interfere with your serious and important work; Because everything has to be in its place and you should not mix jokes and entertainment with your important tasks.

7. گفت‌چین

Questions like “Did you hear what happened to someone at the meeting?”, “Is it true that they want to fire employees?”, “Do they really have a relationship?” These are all questions that the speaker is happy to answer. Some eloquent colleagues love to invent shocking stories, and some spend their time telling fascinating stories about others.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Always be on the lookout for a fellow speaker. You will often find him in the corner or at the table of others, discovering the latest rumors and news. If you hear these stories, act wisely and keep these rumors to yourself and do not tell others. Be skeptical of anything this person tells you. Take care of your career when this person is around you. If you are the main character in the story of some of these rumors and rumors, go to the main source of the rumor and deal with him.

8. Flattery

Flatterers know a simple way: They do almost anything to take advantage of people above them, such as saying nice things and complimenting. This causes these people to abuse their colleagues to advance their own interests; Of course, this is not strange and is part of their personality.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Whether the flatterer’s plans get somewhere or not is up to him. It is better to leave him alone and stay away from him. Of course, this behavior of his can motivate you and cause you to show your achievements to others and remind your boss of the added value you have created for the company.

9. غرغرو

Experience has shown that it is usually not helpful to interact with someone who is always grumbling and complaining. Complaining and complaining can be the result of frustration, fatigue, stress, or dissatisfaction with the workplace.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Do not let negative feelings or negative thoughts of this kind of co-workers affect you. Instead of being influenced by this person’s negative professions, try to change the subject and talk about a positive and better subject, such as a way to overcome his frustrations and frustrations.

10. Politics

Nothing is unlikely from an open-minded politician. Sometimes some co-workers stab you in the back; For example, the person you thought was your friend would present your idea in his or her own name. Have you ever had such a problem?

How to interact with this type of colleague?

You always have to be vigilant and vigilant in dealing with open politicians. Never treat him like a normal person and do not set aside this vigilance and caution; Even if everything looks good and there seems to be no reason for you to be careful. Be skeptical of anything a politician says, and do not simply take his or her words for granted.

۱۱. To work

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Low-income people are just like a mirage: they look busy; When in fact, they place their responsibilities on others and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

If the work of this colleague does not affect you or your group, it is better to ignore him; But if it affects your work, be sure to point out his behavior and warn him. If the low-income person works under your supervision and management, be more careful about what others do by setting specific goals and deadlines.

۱۲. newcomer

A novice co-worker is usually someone who has just finished their education and is working or has just been hired by your company.

How to interact with this type of colleague?

Do you remember the first days when you were just working and you did not have enough skills? It’s time to dump her and move on. If necessary, take your novice and beginner colleague under your profile and teach him new things every day. This novice colleague will thank you for your training and assistance.




12 different personalities in the workplace and the right way to interact with them

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