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11 tips to look better in video calls

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Video calling plays an important and decisive role in today’s world. Sometimes, due to work and personal needs, we are forced to do workshops and job interviews, communicate with others, and so on, relying on these contacts. Although video calling is common and increasingly important, there are still many people who are afraid of being in front of the camera or webcam and are constantly worried about what they will look like. In the following article, you will read tips and advice that will help you overcome this fear and make your video calls with more confidence. Join us with 11 tips to look better in video calls.

11 tips to look better in video calls

1. Choosing the right background

Before making a video call, think a little about the background behind you in the picture and choose a place that looks good in this regard. Of course, this may not be very important in video contact with close friends or acquaintances; But if your contact is formal and formal, we recommend that you take the time to choose the right background and think about it in advance.

In general, it is better to always choose a background that has a neat and tidy appearance. A cluttered background reduces the quality of video calling and can be distracting.

۲. The importance of backlighting and brightness in video calling

Choosing the right backlight is another very important point that you should pay attention to in order to have a better appearance in video calling. If you sit in front of a window during the day and make a video call, it is very likely that no one will be able to see you properly. The problem is that in such a situation the light source is behind you. In order for the image to be perfectly clear and good, you need to choose a place for video calling where the light source is in front of you and the light is shining on your face.

The angle of the light on the face is also important: if the light source is below your face, your image may look like close-ups of scary movies!

Before making a video call, hold your mobile phone or laptop in front of you and find the best place in terms of backlight by going to different parts of your house or place and turning the camera.

3. Internet speed

Interrupting video calls is a common problem due to poor internet speed. Most of the time the cause of the problem is the use of wireless internet and the weakness of the transmitted signals (of course, this is not the only cause and there may be other causes as well).

If you have an important video call and you are worried about it being disconnected, it is better to use a wireless LAN modem instead of wireless internet (LAN) Or connect the cable you have to your laptop or computer; This will make your internet connection more stable.

Of course, if you can not do this and you have to use wireless Internet, still do not worry and in this situation you can still have a good video call. It is best to avoid other tasks such as downloading or uploading files or opening web pages after making a video call over wireless internet.

When using wireless internet for video calling, avoid doing other things and dedicate the internet only to this task. Failure to do so may result in the image being pixelated or deteriorating.

4. Test essential equipment before making video calls

Equipment needed for video calling

If you need special equipment such as headphones or a microphone to make a video call, be sure to try it out before it’s time to call. This is especially important when you want to be on live video services and the like. In such cases, it is better to provide backup equipment that if there is a problem, you can replace them and continue the call or video service.

5. The importance of using headphones

Not using headphones is one of the biggest mistakes people make when making a video call. When you use mobile or laptop speakers to listen to what the other party is saying, he or she will hear a reflection of his or her own voice that will be unpleasant; So it is better to use headphones instead.

6. The importance of properly adjusting the camera angle

Adjust the camera angle to have a better appearance in video calling

The angle of the camera and your position in front of it is another important point that affects your appearance in video calling. Not bad if you can use external webcams. In this case, you can have more control over adjusting the camera angle. Of course, if you also use a fixed mobile phone or laptop camera, there is no problem, and by changing your position, you can achieve the ideal appearance for video calling.

The camera should be directly in front of the eyes and in line with them, and in addition to the face, it should also show a part of the upper half of the body in the image. When making a video call, you should always look at the camera (not the screen) to maintain eye contact with the other party.

The camera should not be too low below the eyes; Because in this case, the face and body will look much more prominent than what is necessary to have a good appearance. On the other hand, if you place the camera much higher than your eyes, your appearance will still be affected. All you have to do is adjust the camera with your eyes to look better and you will not have any problems in this regard. This will make it easier for you to follow the next point.

7. The importance of eye contact

When talking to someone closely, it is very important to look into the other person’s eyes and maintain eye contact. By maintaining eye contact, we actually show that we have enough self-confidence, and as a result, we will have an easier task of gaining the other party’s trust.

The same is true of making video calls. As mentioned in the previous section, to maintain eye contact in this situation, you need to always look at the camera or webcam.

Ignore the temptation to look at your own image on the screen. Before making a call, check your image on the screen and do whatever you can to improve the appearance of the image. Once the call has started, minimize your image or remove it from the screen altogether.

8. The importance of maintaining a proper body posture when making video calls

Proper body posture in video calling

Body shape is another important point that you should consider to have a better appearance when making a video call. Keep your back straight in front of the camera or webcam and do not let it bend; This way you will look better and more energetic in video calling. On the other hand, if your back is bent, you will look unmotivated and lazy.

9. Minimize attention spans

When you make a video call, they will simply be distracted if you have not turned off the alarm system for mobile or laptop apps or gadgets. Be sure to do this before starting a video call.

By following the tips, you can also prevent the other party from being distracted; For example, by choosing a background that is perfectly tidy and clean. Also keep in mind that moving too much back and forth will distract the other person. Position yourself in the center of the image and avoid moving as much as possible.

10. The importance of choosing the right clothes and cover

Suitable clothes to have a better appearance in video calls

To make video calls, you need to dress as you would when you go out and interact with others. Appearance and style of dressing is especially important when your goal is to make a video call to a job interview. In such cases, the video call will be the other party’s first impression of you, which will play a decisive role in his final decision; So just looking better is not enough; Instead, you should do your best to be the best you can be. Here are three tips to help you do just that:

  • Do not limit yourself to the appearance of the upper half of the body; Unexpected things may happen;
  • Choose the color of your clothes according to the background color you are in; Your clothes should not be exactly the same color as the background (or too contrasting);
  • Do not wear clothes that have a lot of design and pattern; Such clothes may be distracting and distracting to the other party.

۱۱. Prepare yourself in advance for a video call

Self-confidence plays a key role in looking better when making a video call. If you have already prepared yourself for a video call, you will also have the necessary self-confidence; So get everything you need when making a video call, and wait in front of the camera or webcam for at least 15 minutes before the call starts.

If you have a very important and decisive video call, you can practice with a friend beforehand, or record your own video and voice on your webcam while the other party is visualizing the call in your mind.

The final word

By applying the tips and advice we have provided correctly and in principle, you can look better during video calls and communicate with the other party with enough self-confidence. Keep in mind, too, that achieving the ideal posture and appearance in video calling, like any other job, requires practice and experience; So if you make a mistake in the beginning or something unexpected happens, do not worry and try harder to get better results.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the subject, please let us know and the readers.




11 tips to look better in video calls

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