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11 sentences we should never say to parents of single-child families

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Many parents who have only one child lose their loved ones They have been humiliated; Because They are constantly asked when will you have other children? You may not think this is a bad sentence, but believe me it is the worst sentence that can be said to single parent parents.

Imagine a family that has only one child and may have decided not to have any more children. Maybe for medical, financial and other reasons they can’t even think about their second child at all. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of those around them, this family is often forced to explain the reasons for their decision to anyone. Why? Because in most societies, and especially in our society, having a child brings with it a flood of different questions, curiosities, and interpretations.

Friends, family, and even some strangers occasionally harass single-parent families by uttering a series of sentences. The interesting thing is that more, people They say these sentences Who have several children.

Why do those around them say these words?

In this article, we are talking about those people who think that they are talking about their second child just for fun or compassion. They think that if they guide their parents in this regard, they will be encouraged to think more about their decision and maybe change their mind.

If you are one of these people and you have such a mindset, we must say that you are wrong. Read this article to know how to say these 11 sentences to parents If they have only one child, you are harassing them.

1. So, when do you get the second one?

What is the origin of this sentence? You just asked out of curiosity; It is true?

Why do you think parents who have a child must have planned for the second one, asking “when”?

After all, why not think that these parents may really want another child but may have an infertility problem? Maybe they are trying right now and they are not succeeding. Then your compassionate question will force them to get more involved.

They may not have a infertility problem at all, but they are working on having a second child. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Do not accept? very well. If they say “We will let you know first!”, It means that they do not like your question at all.

2. Oh, he wants a sister or a brother!

It is true; Undoubtedly, most children want to have someone to play with and have a secret that they can trust at different stages of life; But who said that there would be a reciprocal friendship between the two children? Many children are closer to their cousins, children, and children of other relatives or even friends than their siblings. It is not at all difficult for a child to find such a person, especially in today’s world.

3. Divine…! Grow up, just stay!

11 sentences that we should never say to parents of one child - grow up alone

Loneliness is not a problem to be solved by having a sibling. Single children are also fully capable of communicating with others and having close ties with them. They can even play with themselves and interact with their parents. They may not feel lonely at all and instead develop their own skills in solo and creative games. Some of them even reach intellectual maturity in time due to interaction with adults.

4. He does not learn how to share his belongings with others!

It is true; Because siblings always have an extraordinary ability to share their belongings. Instead, only children have the blessing that every toy in the house belongs to them; But this does not mean that they can not use their toys well as children. Who have siblings, share with others.

5. When he grows up, he has no one to rely on!

Just as a sibling can be a person’s best friend, he or she is just as likely to be a worst enemy. The choice of siblings is not with us, but with our friends and those around us We can Let’s choose ourselves. Thus, an only child can have many opportunities to build lasting and strong bonds with others, including friends and family.

So by saying these words, do not make parents feel guilty that they are leaving their child without a firm foothold in this world.

6. This is how it turns out!

In single-child families, all the money that parents give to their children belongs to only one person; Therefore, since the facilities are not to be shared between several children, this child may enjoy opportunities that he / she could not have with several children.

But having such opportunities does not mean that this child will be lazy or will be rude in the future. Look at the children around you. Do you think that all children who are rude and lazy are all single children and there is no child among them who is rude and lazy and has a brother and sister?

7. You do not want other children for your own convenience!

11 sentences we should never say to parents of an only child - you do not want a child for your own comfort ‌

It is true that parents with one child are concerned about the constant interference between war and the quarrel of several children. Do not have But this does not mean that they sit comfortably and have fun!

Why do you think only parents with several children are real parents? Have you ever thought that single parents can not even be alone for a long time because their child has no one but them? They may even plan to have a marital relationship, but their child begs them to play with him or her or read to him or her. In this case, they have to give up their own happiness. In single-parent families, parents are also siblings to their child; So do not think that life is completely comfortable.

8. Dad! So who should the child play with?

11 sentences we should never say to parents of an only child - so who should the child play with?

Why do you think a child should always have another child as a playmate? Do you think that if a child goes to a park or a trip with his parents and another child is not with them, he will miss children for a long time. Is staring Who has siblings and wishes that Ikash did not have to take the air train with his father?

Not at all. Many children are comfortable with their parents and love to play with them or jump from a height into their safe arms. Incidentally, they trust their father more than anyone else to board the air train!

9. With a baby, you can spend as much as you want!

its not always like this. Children spend. Parents must pay for their children: From daily expenses to the club and even plane tickets for travel. Incidentally, single parents because they have the same child, sometimes They have to They also incur unnecessary expenses (if they had several children, it would be easier to say no!). So there is no reason to think that they can afford anything.

Although this is not a direct insult to the only child family, it can make the other party’s time bitter. In addition, even one child spends enough; It is not right to assume that single parent parents can afford anything.

10. When a single child, he must behave like this!

Attributing a behavior or action (especially if it is wrong) to a child just because he or she is an only child is completely ridiculous; That is, children who have siblings do not do anything wrong? After all, when a child behaves inappropriately, if someone is to be blamed, that person must be the child’s parent, not himself or herself! Also, do not forget that any child may behave inappropriately at any time It has nothing to do with it That he is an only child.

۱۱. I feel pity for him. I have a bad feeling about his future!

Please do not feel this way. In many cases, creative single children are born; self-sufficient and independent; Because they had no choice but to learn how to play with themselves and entertain themselves. They even learn how to interact with others on their own and do not imitate siblings. Are you worried? No need; He has no problem!

If you are a single parent, you have no doubt heard these words many times. How did you answer these questions? What do you think is the best reaction to these people?

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11 sentences we should never say to parents of single-child families

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