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11 golden tips to wake up energetic in the morning

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For many people, waking up and getting ready to go about their daily activities may not be pleasant, but a greater desire to wake up in the morning and use this extraordinary amount of time can have a profound effect on our health. Numerous studies have shown that people who wake up early in the morning enjoy a variety of benefits compared to others: from having more positive energy and vitality to less weight. The reason for this is that people generally have more control over themselves in the morning, and as a result, the morning becomes an ideal time to find healthy habits. Habits that can positively affect the health of our body, mind and even our relationships. But how do you achieve this goal and have a morning full of energy and vitality? In the continuation of this article, we will introduce 11 practical points to achieve this goal.

1. Prepare everything the night before and do not leave things to the morning

At night, before going to bed, tidy up your clothes, put everything you need in your bag, and prepare the food you need to eat. This way, you will have done at least some of your tasks and you will have less stress the next morning.

۲. Get enough rest at night

The recommended bedtime is 7-8 nights. Regardless of the time of waking up, by observing this time period, we can feel better when waking up. With these interpretations, going to bed early at night does not necessarily improve the quality of sleep. If you are in the habit of going to bed at midnight, for example, and waking up at 7:00 in the morning, and you want to get up an hour earlier and get used to the process, do so over time. If you go to bed earlier than usual at night, you will most likely stare at the ceiling for a while until your normal night’s sleep arrives. So it is best to start with small steps: go to bed fifteen minutes earlier each night and continue this process until you reach the time you want.

3. Inhaling the scent of flowers after waking up can cause more freshness and energy

According to studies conducted at Harvard University, those who watch flowers and vases in the morning, when they wake up, will find more vitality and energy. Even just looking at the beautiful blossoms of the flowers will reduce our anxiety and make us kinder and happier during the day. Kitchen countertops or bedside tables are ideal places to place pots.

4. Avoid stressful activities in the morning

If we go to the news and television as soon as we wake up, our day will start with anxiety and tension. It is best to have restrictions on morning activities; For example, do not go to the news or check emails for at least thirty minutes after waking up. Instead, we can listen to our favorite songs. Research conducted at Knox University has shown that happy songs have a significant effect on increasing vitality and boosting mood.

5. Avoid delaying waking time

Delay waking time

Sometimes when we hear a smartphone alarm or alarm clock, we delay it to get a little more rest. This is not a good approach. If we wake up the first time, we will have more energy. It is recommended to keep the alarm clock out of reach so that it is not possible to delay the alarm.

6. Drink some water with a lemon when you wake up

An average of seven or eight hours of sleep depletes the body of water and rehydrates it. Drinking water, along with a little lemon in it, is a smart choice to get the water your body needs. This drink is a little energizing and makes you feel full. In addition, the taste of lemon means that we do not need to eat donuts or sweets later.

7. Try to be exposed to light when you wake up

A table lamp can be used to provide the lighting needed for a bedroom that is not sunlit. Exposure to light stops the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is associated with sleep, and after fifteen minutes, morning drowsiness is significantly reduced. Phototherapy is also used to reduce depression. Place the lamp where your hand can reach it from the bed and turn it on while you are brushing.

8. Exercise a little when you wake up

Research has shown that those who exercise less when they wake up will be more likely to plan a regular sleep-wake routine. Exercise activity is not meant to be exhausting; It is enough to spend ten minutes walking or doing stretching exercises. This speeds up blood flow and reduces the feeling of drowsiness.

9. Completely darken the bedroom while sleeping

For the bedroom to reach the desired quality level, the bedroom must be dark. Wearing blindfolds for sleep can be an ideal choice. Using thicker curtains for the bedroom is another recommendation that can be used for this purpose.

10. Have a regular daily schedule for sleeping and waking hours

Setting a specific time to sleep and wake up on a daily basis and sticking to it is the best way to balance your body clock (or circadian rhythm); By doing this, we create a regular cycle for our sleep that makes other body actions and reactions at other times of the day and night more easily performed.

۱۱. Keep the sleeping environment as quiet as possible

Annoying sleep noise

Ambient noise, like the movement of cars, makes it very difficult to fall asleep. A white speaker or white noise can be a good choice to solve this problem. Constantly playing soothing sounds such as a river stream, or even keeping the fan open or something like that, can help neutralize annoying noises.

Concluding remarks

Among the cases mentioned, having a regular and specific daily schedule for sleeping and waking hours, in addition to allocating 7-8 hours for night rest, are more important. In order to wake up in the morning with more energy and freshness, we will need deep and sufficient sleep. With other tips and tricks, you can work to improve sleep quality. If you have come up with a solution or advice other than the above through your personal experience or studies, we would be happy if you would share your experiences with us and the readers of this article in the comments section.




11 golden tips to wake up energetic in the morning

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