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10 ways for working mothers to balance their lives

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Balancing work and family is not an easy task for working mothers! There are more working mothers today than ever before. In the United States, women make up half of the workforce, and 4 out of 10 families have working mothers. In Iran, according to the Center for Statistics and Strategic Information of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, the share of women in the active population is about 20%. Meanwhile, full-time mothers (let alone motherhood itself is a laborious full-time job!) Often feel guilty; Because they can not reach their family the way they want. In this article, we will tell you how to balance work and family as a working mother.

The key to balancing work and family is to plan, be organized, and find the balance between work and personal life. With the following 10 tips, you can both reach your family and manage your job more easily.

1. Do not feel guilty

Instead of constantly worrying about not being with your children, think about the benefits of working and the role you play in the workplace for the family. These include economic benefits such as savings for the future of the children or the possibility of enrolling them in better classes and schools. You may need to work to support your family. The most successful working mothers have found ways to be effective in both trenches. To do this, we must clarify our options and focus on our priorities.

We have to admit that in addition to the good days, we will also have the bad days. Do not forget that you are not alone and you can talk about your feelings with your spouse. You can also share your problems with family members or support groups. [گروه‌های پشتیبان که گاه گروه‌های خودیاری هم خوانده می‌شوند به کسانی گفته می‌شود که گردهم می‌آیند تا با هم گره از مشکلات مشترک‌شان بگشایند و تجربه‌هایی را که در پیوند با مشکلی خاص یا در شرایط و بحران‌های شخصی‌ای مانند بیماری اندوخته‌اند، با یکدیگر در میان گذارند.] Some websites and social networks are also good places to hang out.

Get advice from friends and family about kindergartens, schools and childcare services. Make a list of priorities and important points and visit kindergartens based on them. If you are considering hiring a babysitter, look for people who have a long history of working with families. This is a sign that the person is experienced and gets along well with children in different age groups.

۲. Find a good kindergarten

Kindergarten, orphanage or other childcare facilities must have sufficient and comprehensive experience and evidence to prove it. Flexible working hours, sufficient number of instructors, adequate open space, valid licenses and qualified staff are other things to consider when choosing a daycare center. If possible, monitor your child in kindergarten for a few hours and check the situation.

3. Make your morning schedule more private

Avoid hectic and hectic mornings by planning and preparing for the night. Prepare baby food at night. Decide what you will have for breakfast the night before. Prepare your baby’s bag, your own bag and other necessary items such as diapers or powdered milk the night before and place it somewhere near the exit.

Examine your schedule for the next day and share the work with yourself and your spouse. Discuss possible changes to the program. When you are sure of your daily chores, you can spend a few minutes eating breakfast with the kids, without rushing to leave the house.

4. Keep a family calendar and be organized

Create a calendar based on family preferences. This calendar can include items such as payment dates, installments, child-related chores, family or school events, extracurricular activities, and birthdays. Better than electronic examples like Google Calendar (Google Calendar) That are easily compatible and compatible with smartphones.

Spend 15 minutes each weekend reviewing the program for the week ahead. You should provide the required sections of the calendar to the babysitter or tutor so that everyone is aware of the latest changes.

Order and organization make the home environment clean. It is better to consider a place as a “family booth”. The best place for a family booth is near the entrance. In this section, put important receipts and documents, keys, charges, batteries and some money as salary. Having a special place for different items saves time and increases efficiency at home.

5. Talk to your employer

Before talking to your employer or HR manager, make a written plan detailing your needs. You can check to see if other employees have a flexible work schedule. This can be a lever to advance your desire; It also helps to know the conditions accepted by the employer (about other employees) and to align yourself with them. Not all people are the same; You need to figure out how much of your family issues and circumstances you can share with your employer. But try to be as honest and receptive as possible. It is best to be prepared to offer alternatives: solutions such as trying out a trial period in accordance with your proposed program and verifying that your productivity will not be reduced.

Mothers seeking maternity leave should seek full information from their caregiver or supervisor. Do not miss things like paid leave as well as paid leave. Examine whether it is possible to take annual sick leave during this period.

6. Keep in touch with children during working hours

Keep in touch with children during working hours

You can still communicate with your children when you are not with them. For young children, you can record a variety of videos of children singing, reading books, or talking to children so that a babysitter or kindergarten teacher can play them. If you can not attend an event at your child’s school, give him or her special gifts that morning, such as a lucky gift or a wish for success. If possible, ask someone to film the event and send it to you. Give them a picture of you and the kids’ father so they can see your face. Call and talk to the children at rest. Listening to children’s voices not only energizes us, but also calms their minds.

7. Avoid distractions and waste of time

Set aside time to process emails and phone calls. You can do these things when your children are asleep. Watch less TV and spend more time with your partner. Avoid multitasking, especially when you are with children. At work, do not waste your time. Of course, openness in the workplace is necessary to maintain a good relationship, but countless emails, aimless internet browsing, chatting, and long lunches reduce our productivity. At work, focus on your work and chat with your co-workers at rest.

8. Organize special family activities

Spending time with children both during the week and on weekends is vital to strengthening the family and building bonds. If you do not have enough time, you can have a special family breakfast or spend the night playing group games or watching movies with the whole family. It is best to look for activities that are compatible with your plan. This is how others know what to expect! When you go out with your family, do not talk about work or check your cell phone regularly. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Ask older children to comment on family activities and try to meet their needs. In fact, it does not matter what you do; The important thing is for the whole family to do it together!

9. Spend time with your spouse

Spend time with your spouse so you can balance work and family.

Do not neglect your relationship with your partner who is your first supporter. Start with special monthly appointments. This way you become more intimate, you feel younger and you enjoy being together. Most of the time, when we are busy at home and at work, the first person to be overlooked is our spouse. Strengthening the marital relationship brings excitement back to our marriage and makes us not neglect each other! Not all couples can afford a special program every month, but you can make each other happy without going out. You can cook a special meal together once a month and after eating, talk while drinking a fragrant drink! Provided there is no talk of work or children.

10. Make time for yourself

With the right planning, you can set aside time for yourself. With a break and rest, you can regain lost energy and reach your personal tasks and needs. You need to divide your time between work and family. So you have to be able to manage your strength and power well. If we are tired and bad-tempered, we will not be a good wife and mother; Therefore, devoting time to ourselves is important for comfort and relaxation.

Read a nice book at night before bed. Make special plans for yourself from time to time; For example, get a massage. Spend time on your favorite sports and habits. Eat well and get enough rest. These are trivial things that even the smartest mothers forget. You do not do this.

If you are a working mother, how do you balance work and family? What difficulties do you face? How do you deal with problems? Undoubtedly, many mothers or working women who are thinking of becoming mothers can benefit from your ideas and experiences; So share your experiences with us and our audience.




10 ways for working mothers to balance their lives

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