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10 things only mofrefries understand

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If you love curly hair and you are tired of your straight hair, it is not bad to read this article to understand the problems of having curly hair. If your hair is curly, read this article as well, because we want to talk about your problems.

1. Rainy weather disaster

Nobody likes to get wet in the rain. People with straight hair do not like to stay in the rain at all, but staying in the rain is a disaster for the curious. Not only do they have to endure the wet feeling of their hair, they also have to worry about it drying out, because their hair becomes very frizzy and unshaven.

۲. Protestant thick hair

Having thick hair looks great, especially when the curlers are getting ready to go to a party. Well, the problem is that at parties, people around them are constantly protesting. Curly hair has blocked their view! It’s really annoying to hear these complaints.

3. Excessive attention of others to curly hair

Many people are attracted to curly hair and curly hair constantly has to say to others: “Yes, I know you like to have curly hair like me, but you do not know how difficult it is to maintain this hair. “We curly-haired people like straight hair, it’s a pity we can’t change our hair.”

4. Longing for bangs

Most curly-haired people want to straighten their hair when they see other people’s bangs, but Kelly is in trouble and it is almost impossible. Even if they succeed in combing their hair, their face will disappear under that volume of hair. Worst of all is when they straighten their hair with a thousand misfortunes, but their hair returns to its original state. Sometimes they have to listen to the not-so-interesting opinions of those around them about their hair, and in such cases, they are very jealous of the straight hair of others!

5. Unformed curly hair

If one day you see your friend with curly hair who looks great and beautiful, know that it has happened completely by accident! Curly hair is really hard to make and there is not much you can do to style it. Curly people just have to wait and see how their hair looks and always have a bunch of annoying hairs in front of their face.

6. Excessive spending of curly hair

Having curly hair means exorbitant costs for hair care products. When the production of the popular Muffler product stops, they have to wait a long time for a new type to enter the market. Also, because experiments with curly hair products are expensive, the cost of curly hair is for those who have to buy these products. Worst of all, most of the time they have to buy several types of shampoo to see which one is right for their hair, and that means cost after cost.

7. The problem of hairdressing

It is difficult to find a hairdresser who fixes curly hair well, and curly hair people do not give up when they find a good hairdresser. If your hair is straight and you just want to cut it short, any hairdresser can do it, but it is not that easy for curly hair.

Another problem with curling irons is the shortening of their hair. If they want to cut their hair too short, the situation becomes very bad and usually all their hair is gathered on their head.

8. Sport; The nightmare of the mourners

Exercising is hard enough for people with long hair, let alone curly ones. Unless curling irons spend hours weaving their hair or tying it tightly behind their heads. Also, the easiest exercise that can be done with thick curly hair is spinning. Collision sports such as martial arts, rugby and football are not suitable for them at all, because their hair is constantly annoying.

9. Asymmetry of curly hair

For some reason, people with mumps often wake up in the morning with hair that is messy on one side and difficult to tidy up. When they sleep at night, they do not know if their hair is ready to bleach in the morning or if they have to spend a lot of time straightening it. In addition, they can not use any comb or brush. Combs with small and even large teeth do not work well and they must use a proper examination. Do not forget the hair sprays that are needed along with the right brush.

10. Curly hair is love

We have told you all these sighs and groans, but they have a secret that they do not tell us! They are not willing to exchange their painful hair for anything. Curly hair looks good and tidy when it is neat and tidy and most people dream of it. In fact, curlers may be jealous of people with straight hair, but not always. They love their hair with all its troubles, because they do not have to spend hours and have to deal with all kinds of hair curlers to have curly hair.

last word

Which of the above options apply to you? Some people have curly hair and some do not have these problems, but if your hair is very curly and we have missed a point here, we would be happy to share it with you.




10 things only mofrefries understand

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