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10 Success Lessons from Chris Gardner for Entrepreneurs; From homelessness to becoming a billionaire

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Have you seen the movie “In Search of Happiness” starring Will Smith? The story of a homeless father who takes his young son across the street to sell a product is the story of Chris Gardner: The homeless man who became a billionaire! In this article, you will learn 10 success lessons from Chris Gardner.

Chris Gardner, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, was homeless in the early 1980s. In those years, he was a single father in San Francisco who took care of his young son without a substantial source of income. Gardner overcame obstacles with effort and perseverance. He first turned to stock trading and finally in 1987 he managed to start his own brokerage firm. He is the author of the biography “In Search of Happiness” and the book “Start Here; “Lessons to achieve what you want.” This successful entrepreneur plays a significant role in philanthropic activities today. These 10 success lessons from Chris Gardner are good for everyone, especially entrepreneurs.

1. Evaluate yourself

You can do amazing things even with ordinary features and skills. It does not matter if it is a skill in raising a child or compassion and kindness. Maybe it’s a sense of curiosity or visualization or a certain style in fashion. Although it may seem simple and trivial, sometimes we forget that each of us has unique talents and abilities.

۲. Follow the example of the person you admire

If you are going through a difficult time, think about what you have. Remember the people you think are successful. The power you get from watching these people will amaze you.

3. Every desire has a path to achieve

Consider the things that helped you achieve your previous goals. Believe in yourself and the abundant resources you already have.

4. Be calm but passionate and constantly learning

You have to love what you do. If you do not have passion for what you do, you will lose something every day! You need to keep moving and being consistent, calm and focused on the goal. Small steps are also important as you progress. The bottom line is that you should always be eager to learn. One is never old enough to learn new things.

5. Get excited

Success lesson from Chris Gardner: Get excited

You have to love your job. You pass every obstacle with great enthusiasm and interest. Gardner acknowledges that in the early days of his career, his main motivation for finding work was money. She needed money to pay for living expenses and caring for her child. Gardner was able to reach the pinnacle of his career just by focusing on what really excited him. He finally found a job that excited him and did not miss this opportunity.

6. Be your own best

Gardner owes his success to his mother and her spiritual inclination: the one who encouraged her to have big dreams and strive to be the best she can be. Gardner’s mother was an innate teacher. He loved it; But after her husband left her, she took on the responsibility of raising the twelve children. He had to give up the dream of becoming a teacher in order to provide for his family with several part-time jobs; However, he always encouraged Gardner to be the best he could be in everything he did. Commitment to being the best was something Gardner never forgot.

7. Do not forget your roots

As Gardner progressed toward success, what made him more distinctive in his career was helping others. He did not forget the promises he had made. Gardner always tries to be available. “As busy as I am, I try to go out and walk on the street,” he says. This is how I remember what path I have taken and I will appreciate all the small steps. The best thing in the world is that while walking in Chicago, New York or San Francisco, someone yells at you and says, “Maybe you don’t remember me; “But thank you for helping me find a job.” “I think the best way to pay tribute to my mother is to help teachers.”

8. Protect your dreams

Success lesson from Chris Gardner: Protect your dream

On difficult days, Gardner could also step aside and use the situation, the people, his wife or his skin color as an excuse! But he did not. If you have a dream, you have to do what it takes to achieve it.

9. Be a mill

When Gardner took office, he faced many challenges; But because it was wet, he left them all behind. “I started my business with tens of thousands of dollars in my home,” says Gardner. I did not know that this could not be done; So I did it. “I was the marketing manager, the sales manager, the CEO, and lately I was cleaning the office myself.”

10. Have a plan

Hope and aspiration are not enough to start a business! You need a clear, precise, consistent and convincing plan. Beyond that, you have to be committed to your work.

How successful do you think these 10 success lessons from Chris Gardner can be? What is your experience of the difficulties of career success or starting a business?




10 Success Lessons from Chris Gardner for Entrepreneurs; From homelessness to becoming a billionaire

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