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10 signs that a woman does not want to resume her past relationship

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Men are often smart, but when they fall in love, it seems that their minds go crazy! Too often, men waste their time and energy in a fruitless emotional relationship without realizing it. In this article, we specifically tell you gentlemen what signs indicate that the other party is not interested in you. be with us.

10. He does not miss you

When someone does not miss you, it means you are a stranger to them. Do we feel homesick for strangers? It is clear that no. It does not matter how much you love the other person, because you are a stranger to him and you will never miss him. You text him three or four times a day, but he never responds. It does not occur even once that he sends the first message. If so, end the relationship before it is too late.

9. He insists on spending his time alone

If your presence does not excite the woman you love, then it does not matter to spend time with you. If he emphasizes that he does not want anyone to bother him or that he is always caught, know that he is not interested in you. If the other party is working late, it means he is staying away from you.

8. He is trying to introduce you to someone else

If a woman tries to introduce you to her friend or colleague and insists that you talk to her, it means that she is not interested in having an emotional relationship with you. Know that this is a sign that he considers you a justified and trustworthy person, otherwise he would not have introduced you to his friends; But at the same time, he is not emotionally interested in you.

7. His ideal man is not like you at all

If he keeps telling his ideal man that he does not look like you, know that he is not emotionally interested in you. You may be looking for those qualities in yourself when you hear his descriptions. If a woman constantly points out traits that you do not have, she does not like you and thus annoys you.

6. He is not comfortable with you

One of the signs of emotional interest is that the other person is comfortable with you. He laughs out loud, speaks loudly and looks into your eyes (eye contact). He tries to sit close to you so that he can pay more attention to you. If you do not see any of these on the other side, know that his heart is not with you!

5. He does not define you as a friend or relative

If the other party compliments you on friends and family, it means they want to spend the future with you. When a woman invites you to family and friendly gatherings and she likes to go shopping or having fun with her, it means that she is interested in you. Without these, it might be best to look for someone else.

4. He wants you to be just friends with each other

It is clear that people become friends to get to know each other better. But if the woman you love insists that you are just a friend, although she may like you (as a friend), she is not emotionally interested in you. Sometimes friendships can lead to an emotional relationship, but if a girl insists on being just your friend, you better not get too involved.

3. Only your money is attractive to him

If the only attractive feature for the other party is your income and financial situation, borrow another pair of legs and run away! If he wants expensive things that he can not afford, if he wants to grumble when your account is empty, if he wants to have fun with your money, it means that he only wants your money.

2. In his opinion, you are dull and nerve-wracking

What do you want from a girl who does not find you attractive, funny and well-mannered ?! If your favorite girl does not laugh at your cute jokes and stories, step aside now. This situation means that the other party does not value you. So, do not waste your time.

1. Her friends advise you to think of another woman

Our friends know us very well. If your favorite girl friends tell you with obvious and hidden signs that you are looking for someone else, it might be better to do the same. No doubt he and his friends have talked about you and are well aware of how their friend feels about you; So trust them. They make you aware of your one-sided feelings.

Have you had a one-sided love experience? Didn’t you really see the signs? What advice do you have for others?




10 signs that a woman does not want to resume her past relationship

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