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10 reasons why we should not care about what others say

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Man instinctively tends to be loved and accepted by others. But sometimes this tendency causes people to overly and obsessively care about other people’s thoughts about themselves. Worrying too much about other people’s thoughts will have a very negative effect on your life. This obsession paralyzes and disrupts your life because it will not allow you to be comfortable with yourself and others. So it is better not to let worrying about other people’s opinions hinder your enjoyment of life and make your mouth bitter. be with us. In this article, we will explain 10 reasons why we should not care about the opinions of others.

1. This is your life and your life is not about anyone but yourself

Others can think of whatever they like, just as you are free to think of whatever you want. The thoughts of others cannot change what you are or increase or decrease your value unless you give them such permission.

This is your life. In the end, in your own privacy, you are the only one who has to approve of your choices and behaviors.

If you care what others think of you, you will be captivated by them forever.


2. No one knows your goodness better than you do

No one has invested as much in your life as you do and will not. Only you, as the parent can know for sure what is best for you. The only way to learn is to make your own decisions, take responsibility for your decisions, and if you fail, instead of blaming others and blaming them, learn from your failures with all your might.

3. What is good for another may be absolutely evil for you

Others often think of themselves in your situation and, with that in mind, comment on you and what you do well. This is the problem. Everyone’s definition of good is different. Maybe what you think is rubbish and disposable is very valuable to someone else. Each of us is unique and only we know what is good for us.

4. Paying attention to what others think is an obstacle to achieving your dreams

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If you are constantly thinking about how others think of you, you will never be able to achieve what you want in life. In order to achieve your goals, you may not need to be in the same group and do things that are not normal for others. You may need to ignore your pride and credibility to achieve your dreams. Paying attention to the opinions of others in such cases will definitely be an obstacle to achieving your dreams.

5. The end result is just your skirt

The end result of your decisions in life is up to you. For example, suppose someone offers you to buy on the stock market. If you think this choice is not right, the consequences of this decision will only affect you. If your stock falls and you suffer a heavy financial loss, it is you who, for the rest of your life, struggle with guilt over why I did not listen to my inner voice. When others offer you or, in some cases, even give you orders, there is no risk to them. They will not live with your choices and it is you who will be involved in your choices.

6. People’s opinions are constantly changing


Humans are always changing. Human thinking, ideas, and attitudes change over time. Some theorists and philosophers believe that we are constantly changing, to the extent that we can not define a fixed self (fixed personality) with our characteristics. Human attitudes, opinions and thinking are constantly changing.

This means that if someone does not have a positive opinion of you today, they may change their opinion of you completely in the not-too-distant future. So as you can see, you do not have to take other people’s opinions seriously.

7. Life is literally short

You have a chance to live, no more. So it is better not to waste this chance by worrying about what others think. Do what you love. Be the person you dream of. After death, none of those around you will be with you. Maybe even once a year you do not see people whose opinions you are so concerned about. Live without being bound by the opinions of others and enjoy this unique opportunity as much as you can.

8. You reap what you sow


When you worry too much about the thoughts of others, you become a proponent of purpose [مقصود از پیشگویی معطوف به مقصود نوعی پیشگویی است که به صِرفِ تبعات ناشی از گفتن آن حتماً به وقوع خواهد پیوست]. People who deny their need for the approval of others, this thinking is reflected in their behavior. That is, they treat others in a way that shows they do not need their approval. This sick thinking sometimes becomes so acute that it makes one beg for the love and obedience of others. When you try to behave in a way that you are loved and approved of, this approach makes many of you hate it.

9. Others do not think about you as much as you think

Too often, people think of someone or something other than themselves. It is a bitter but clear truth that on average most people pass all their thoughts and world through a selfish filter. In other words, human beings express most of their thoughts in terms of what is relevant to themselves and their interests.

It does not matter who you are or what you do because people only think about you if your behavior directly affects their lives.

10. Bitter truth: It is impossible to keep everyone happy

It is impossible to keep everyone happy at all times. It is not possible to live up to everyone’s expectations. So do not bore yourself. But never forget to keep someone happy. That person is none other than yourself.

The last word

The comments of others may annoy you and prevent you from living the way you want to live. Because they want to control your whole being (your thoughts, your personality, and your behavior) by criteria that they set themselves. When you get too involved in other people’s opinions, you forget about yourself. You can consciously prevent this catastrophic event. Allow yourself to be free. This skill requires practice. When you really learn to be carefree, you will experience a different and unique taste of life. When you are not a slave to the opinions and thoughts of others, you will realize who you really are and this freedom will be as sweet as being born again and the first time you breathe.




10 reasons why we should not care about what others say

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