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10 important life lessons to learn right now

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Classroom life is permanent. We fall and get up many times along the way of life and learn important lessons along the way. We sometimes learn these lessons from our own experiences, sometimes from the experiences of others, and sometimes from watching movies and reading books. It does not matter what percentage of what we learn; There is always a profound difference between practical and theoretical experience. It is not possible to learn some lessons without experiencing a specific situation in life. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late to learn from life. In these cases, we do not have the necessary preparation and knowledge to dream about life events. In this article, we will learn the lessons that put our lives on the right track and we should learn them as soon as possible. be with us.

1. Go your own way

People love to judge others. The pressure of acquaintances can distract you from the path you have chosen for your future. Do not pay attention to the hopes and aspirations of others and what people say. Never let the goals and dreams of others distort your view of life. You have chosen your path and you decide where the destination is and how far you are from it.

۲. Do not hesitate during the operation

Always remember this valuable Iranian proverb: “Think of today as tomorrow”. Many times, when it comes time to act, our feet tremble. Doubt and today’s tomorrow are signs of a lack of confidence and courage. This hesitation hinders our progress and traps us in a cage of perpetual regret. Whenever you feel like it’s time to take action, take action. Do not worry about the result. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

3. Apply what you have learned

Our perception of the extent of our knowledge in a particular field does not matter. The quality of our knowledge is determined only when we apply it in practice. It has long been said: “Go to work, ‌ not to talk!”. For example, we can read about painting, know the types of brushes, palettes, techniques, and so on; But we can only test our knowledge when we stand in front of a canvas and become a painter.

Young people often face difficulties in applying their knowledge. For this reason, the knowledge that should drive career success often does not work!

4. Without suffering, treasure is not possible

If you are looking for a good life, a successful job, emotional satisfaction and trustworthy friends, you have to work hard. Luck may take you halfway, but it is up to you to reach your destination. Achieving goals depends on your daily efforts and your ability to learn from mistakes. Never imagine others fighting for you with the same strength and determination.

5. Do not get tired of trying too hard

Even if we are at the peak of readiness, there is a possibility of failure. A runner can be close to the finish line, but leave the race to the opponents at the very last moment. Should he be disappointed with the competition? Never! With more effort, he can win the next tournament. Victory is never out of reach.

6. Take care of your health

At a young age, we can put as much pressure on our bodies as possible every day. Nothing seems to stand in our way and we are invincible. False imagination! As we get older, we have to pay compensation for all our meals, cigarettes, and ready-to-eat food. Try to cultivate healthy living habits from a young age and health. Have regular medical examinations and tests to try to prevent future problems.

7. Appreciate the moments

Life goes by much faster than we think. At 20 years old, you think you will always be 20 years old! You are in your 30s and you are longing for things you never did in your youth. Make the most of your life. Life is short and no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Come on, friend, so that we do not grieve tomorrow

We consider Vin for the first time a lifetime

Tomorrow we will pass away from this late doom

We are happy with the seventy thousand years

8. Take care of your life

When we see someone wrong, we like to interfere in their work. This trait leads us to many problems and misunderstandings. Do not impose your ideas on others. If someone needs your guidance and advice, they will come to you. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do our own thing, otherwise others will call us “peas of every soup.”

9. Be flexible with your goals

Sometimes we feel it is time to act and carry out our plans; But then we realize we were in the wrong place. Analyzing the current situation and examining the impact of today’s actions on the future of life is very important. Sometimes it is necessary to postpone the achievement of a specific goal or even change that goal. For example, accepting a job promotion at the wrong time can jeopardize our entire career future.

10. Every action has a reaction

Think about the consequences before you do something or say something. Sometimes your good intentions are not important and the audience may not be ready to hear the truth or react appropriately. In such cases, be careful.

Consider these 10 tips as guidance, not law. Life belongs to you and you recognize your own goodness better than others. Always remember that it is “golden time” and enjoy life.




10 important life lessons to learn right now

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