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10 golden tips to strengthen your marketing strategy through social media

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Fewer people can be found who do not use social networks. Social media has not only changed people’s lives, it has revolutionized marketing. Every business that comes up with the right social media marketing strategy gets countless benefits. In this article, we have reviewed the latest social media marketing strategies and extracted 10 practical tips from their hearts. Stay with us.

Why do businesses need marketing through social media?

Statistics show that Facebook receives more than 4.5 billion monthly visitors and 500 million daily active users on Instagram, so businesses that do not have a strategy for cyberspace have missed a good opportunity.

The right marketing strategy on social media makes:

  • Recognize your brand in the target market;
  • Find a wider target market and more audience;
  • Build stronger connections with your audience;
  • Increase your site traffic;
  • Increase your sales and revenue.

Here are 10 golden tips for boosting your social media marketing strategy.

1. Set your goals

In a strong strategy, both short-term and long-term goals are considered. How do you get it when you do not know exactly what you want? You can not evaluate and complete anything without a goal, and almost everything you do on social media will be fruitless.

When setting a goal for social media, keep these in mind:

  • Be sure to write down the goals. Research shows that writing increases the probability of achieving goals by 30 to 40%.
  • Use specific numbers in your goals, for example, reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram is a numerical goal.
  • Set a deadline for your goals, for example, depending on how your page is growing, set a specific time to reach 10,000 followers.
  • Align social media marketing goals with the goals of your overall marketing strategy.

۲. Get to know your audience

Communication with users and interaction on social networks is very important. People do not buy from brands whose sole purpose is profitability and who do not care about their customers. To socialize and interact with users, you need to know them. In this case, you can develop a strategy that also meets the needs of the audience.

Knowing the wants and needs of the audience and paying attention to them wins the trust of customers.

There are several ways to better understand your audience, including:

  • Audience polls;
  • Pay attention to the statistics and information you have about user behavior;
  • Read and respond to user comments;
  • Getting feedback from the audience.

3. Hold a contest

Holding a contest is one of the most attractive marketing tricks on social media, which has results such as increasing traffic, number of followers and interaction. There are several tools for drawing lots and holding contests.

Of course, not all competitions and campaigns are successful. To be successful, you must pay attention to two important points:

  1. The value and realism of the prize you are considering for the competition.
  2. Hold the contest in such a way that the audience can not resist the temptation to participate.

What is the point of having a successful social media marketing contest?

To compete professionally, you must answer these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the competition?
  • In which of the social networks will this contest be held?
  • On what date does the start, end and award ceremony take place?
  • Which contest is most appealing to your audience?

After determining the contest, you should advertise it with all your might and give special points to the audience that advertises for you. Holding a successful contest can dramatically increase sales and the number of new customers.

4. Develop a content strategy

Every social network needs special content. Brands that produce content just to keep the page blank and publish it on all their networks do not know how to market through social media. Brands need to know which social networks their audience is most active in and what the content style of that network is. For example, LinkedIn is used for marketing B2B businesses and Instagram is used for B2C businesses.

5. Do not use traditional marketing tactics

Old methods have long been obsolete. Now if someone finds out you are going to sell them something, they will not buy from you! People are now looking to connect and trust businesses, and only brands that pay attention to this can succeed.

Statistics show that people get tired of businesses that are constantly advertising and always use traditional marketing tactics. They only buy from someone they trust.

6. Do not forget the importance of video content in social media marketing

Almost everyone knows how effective video content is in social media marketing. Start using video as soon as possible; There are a variety of styles for producing video content.

In live video, user interaction reaches its highest level.

7. Generate compelling content

In social networks, the basis is visual appeal. You need to give users a reason to look at what you provide from the thousands of content they produce. Some examples of these reasons are:

  • Originality;
  • being professional;
  • Hook users at the beginning of the content;
  • Professional graphics;
  • Create added value for the audience.

Visual attractions on social media subconsciously draw attention to you.

8. Connect with your audience

Without communicating with your audience, the number of your customers will decrease day by day. People feel close to you when they see on social media that you are a normal person who owns a business and cares about your customers. Feeling close also means building trust and buying from you. Social networks help you communicate and you can get new customers with simple methods such as responding to comments.

9. Use the right tools for social media marketing

Activating on social networks is made easier by using the right tools. Some of these tools are created by the platforms themselves, for example Insight is a tool that can be used to analyze the behavior of Instagram users. Some tools have also been developed by different companies and you can use them by purchasing a subscription.

Marketing through social media is like building a building. You must first lay the foundation and then complete it using tools and ideas. Using the tool, you can delegate the details of social networking and focus on the overall process yourself. For example, instead of posting at a specific time each day, leave it to a bot and focus on producing professional content yourself.

10. Advertise

Even the most compelling content will not work if it is not viewed. Professional and appropriate advertising will increase your traffic many times and as a result increase your income. Producing professional content and clever advertising are the two scales of success on social media and must be balanced.

Succeeding at social media marketing is only rumored to produce professional, ad-free content.

last word

Working with social media and gaining the trust of users is not easy, but it is very important and can not be ignored. To be successful in social media marketing, you must be up to date and aware of trends. Statistics now show that Instagram video content and stories are most profitable for businesses, but that may change in the next few months.





10 golden tips to strengthen your marketing strategy through social media

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