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10 golden tips for simultaneously handling several different projects

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These days, most of us are busy doing multiple projects at the same time. Most of the time in our work environment, we take on more tasks to get things done. We may be given the responsibility of doing some relatively small work, and at the same time, we have to do a lot of personal work. Managing multiple projects at the same time can sometimes be difficult. We need to plan well so that we can handle several projects at the same time. In this article, we present 10 solutions for dealing with several different projects simultaneously. By studying these strategies and applying them, you can manage different projects in the best possible way.

Solutions for handling several projects simultaneously

Dealing with multiple projects at the same time requires a series of skills and tricks, which are mentioned below:

1. Prioritize tasks

Know your priorities. Without this important awareness, you may be working at your maximum speed throughout the day, but you will still feel backward and have not done anything right.

Each project has different priorities, as well as the work that lies within them. You need to know which one is really important and which one is not necessary right now.

If you work in a team, this way you can have better planning to perform the assigned and important tasks.

2. Time division

These days, most people are accepting the fact that you can’t do multiple things at the same time and successfully; But they should be told that with the right timing, you can increase your productivity and run several projects well at the same time.

In this way, you are forcing yourself to make time for important tasks during the day and get them done; For example, you can divide your time into responding to a customer, reviewing an important project, or doing things like answering phone calls or reviewing invoices, and do each task on time.

Because you do not constantly move from one activity to another during this time, your mind stays in the process easier and you do more. Just remember to tell the group you work with not to bother you and not to take your time constantly.

3. Focus

What do you need to do to focus? You will be more efficient if you use your allotted times wisely; That means you have to stay completely focused on your prioritized activities; For example, do not immerse yourself in the Facebook space to just see what is going on. Take care of your duties and spend more time surfing social media.

You need to know how to focus on things; For example, some people need a quiet environment to concentrate, but others love to work with the sound of music. Some also need a lot of light when working (otherwise, they become drowsy, their eyes get tired, and eventually they can not do their job well).

So if you are one of those people who need a lot of light and a quiet environment, working in a crowded, noisy, dimly lit coffee shop with loudspeakers built into the ceiling may not be for you, and it will give you peace of mind. Do not get What you need to get things done.

People have different characteristics; Examine what is best for you and follow it.

4. Regular review of workload

10 solutions for simultaneously handling several different projects, regular review of tasks

Check the schedule and the amount of work you have to do regularly and see if you can handle everything. Carefully review your to-do list or schedule of important tasks and tasks, as well as how long they take.

At the end of each week, as you update your project plans, you can easily review your workload. Of course, it is much better if you can review your work plans using project management software.

5. Get help from others

Is your workload too large? Get help from others! If you have a working group or trusted colleagues You have access Those who are helpful, get help from them. Of course, you may only be able to assign parts of your project to them, but that will remove those tasks from your to-do list.

Do not forget that entrusting part of the work to others does not mean that you are free from everything Completely withdraw from those tasks. You still need to monitor the work of your co-worker to make sure that the assigned work is done in the best possible way and that it meets the required criteria.

6. Paying attention to the different stages of work projects

This is easily done using management software. You can consider all the important parts or stages of your work and their possible outcomes. Examine your work weeks and see which projects have the opportunity to deliver, or predict which parts of your work will cause you trouble and anxiety and lengthen. Knowing these issues and potential problems will help you to be more prepared for them in the future.

You may also be able to postpone some tasks to make your busy hours easier, or you may be able to do some tasks earlier than others or get help from someone; For example, you can make a regular diet plan at home so that you do not have to make constant decisions about the food you eat on a daily basis when making necessary decisions at work.

tipBe sure to note the important delivery dates of each job in your calendar. You can even write down important parts of your project in your personal calendar to get it right on schedule.

7. Regular evaluation of work progress

Most of the time, things go backwards without you even realizing it! Be careful about the amount of time you spend on each activity. Use the project management software time tracking program or tasks Take notes of what you do.

By doing this, you will quickly realize that a project has taken too much of your time and the rest of the work is left untouched. By solving this problem, your work will be on the path of progress.

If you know a good time tracking tool, share your information with other readers in the comments section.

8. flexibility

10 ways to handle multiple projects simultaneously, flexibility

Some delivery dates are immutable and you know that under no circumstances will the client allow you to change the time; But for some other work, your hand is a little more open. If you know which category each of your tasks belongs to, your tasks will be done more easily and with more flexibility.

For example, suppose you are going to work on a project today, but you have an urgent job on another project and you have to go for it. You may not be able to schedule your work today according to your schedule, but because of the flexibility you have created in your schedules, you will not have any problems.

Flexibility can help you manage your tasks. In the same way, you can work on several projects at the same time.

9. order and arrangment

Undoubtedly, it is not satisfying to be immersed in a pile of different notes about different projects. With different systems and tools, you can stay organized. That way, you’ll always be able to quickly find documents and programs that are relevant to a particular project or client.

You should also have easy access to the plans and to-do lists for each project.

10. Manage their expectations of you

The last resort in managing your projects is to manage the expectations they have of you.

Sometimes a lot of work and tasks fall on your head and you get stuck between several projects. There are times when you can not do all the custom work for others. In such cases, let the client or manager know when you are available and when you plan to complete the projects.

If for any reason you are unable to meet your obligations, you should inform the beneficiaries as soon as possible and tell them the estimated time of compensation and the end of their projects. This behavior allows customers to stay in touch with you and at the same time, know what to expect from you.

If you use these 10 strategies well when advancing your projects, you will have less stress and you can successfully complete several projects in a certain period of time.

If you have any other suggestions that complete this list, please let us know.




10 golden tips for simultaneously handling several different projects

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