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10 goals of personal development that make our success and happiness in life

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Most of the time we think of success as a rainbow, a beautiful rainbow that we see in life from afar and that seems to be harder to achieve than we think. Every time we approach this rainbow, it is as if it is moving away from us again, and after much effort and failure, we reach a point where we ask ourselves: “Can I reach this rainbow at all or am I trying in vain?” These assumptions are not true. Success is not a rainbow; We need to change our perspective on it. Jim Rohn is a motivational writer and speaker. In his view, success is nothing more than a simple discipline that is practiced and observed on a daily basis. Here are 10 simple goals for personal growth and development and moving towards happiness and success in life.

1. Commit to growing, learning and progressing

It does not matter if you are looking for a successful relationship or if your goal is to run a successful business or to learn a new skill; Just as the human body needs a healthy diet, so does the brain need a healthy mindset to grow and develop.

Every person needs new ideas and mental information to grow and must develop their brain with them. To achieve such growth, we need to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes of our day learning things that enlighten our minds and add to our knowledge. Therefore, studying is not only for the purpose of entertainment and fun, but also for the purpose of becoming aware and expanding your horizons. To study, it is better to look for content that has the ability to fulfill our goals and aspirations and is related to them.

There are different types of educational content in the form of magazines, books, newspapers, online publications and.. Even if we are oral learners, we have podcasts and audiobooks.

2. Get into the goal setting process

Without knowing our goals, it will not be possible to succeed. If we define the vision of success for ourselves, it becomes easier to design a roadmap and plan to reach the desired point. If our goal setting and planning is not long term, there is no problem. It is better to divide our goals and plans into more specific and shorter time periods. Consider, for example, ten-year, fifty-year, or one-year intervals. It does not matter how long these periods are; We must choose a time that is easier and more logical for us.

We need to have long-term and short-term goals based on the vision we have for our future. It is also important to make sure that these goals are meaningful and inspire us to think big and broad. These goals must be designed to enable us to commit to all the obstacles and difficulties along the way.

3. Have realistic solutions


To achieve our goals, we must also be realistic about allocating available resources. For example, we need to manage our resources such as time, money, effort and communication properly. The strategy and strategy for achieving goals is to know exactly what leads us to our goals before we start. Once we have identified these cases, we move on to the design of mental and practical plans to determine according to our needs to achieve the goal, planning and strategies for the implementation of our plans.

Having a realistic view of the necessities of achieving goals helps us to make an effort commensurate with our goals and aspirations. If we do not consider such estimates to achieve our goals, we will not realize how much effort and use of resources we need. As a result, we will fail.

4. Be flexible and patient

It is true that focusing on personal growth and development is necessary to achieve goals, but we must also prepare for unforeseen events. We should always have our goal in mind, but in the process of achieving it, flexibility is also important. In fact, the path we take to achieve our goals ‌ does not exactly meet our expectations. So we need to expect twists and turns along the way to achieving our goals.

Flexibility and set aside strictures help us to get rid of anxiety, frustration and worries that arise in the face of difficulties and difficulties along the way to reach the goal. The best ways to be flexible and move with the roaring waves of life are to practice and learn deep breathing techniques, try to live in the present, and enjoy a sense of humor.

5. Take care of our health and make it a priority


The body is the tool we have to live. So if we are constantly sick and unhealthy, we can hardly use our full potential. Many aches and pains are caused by poor mood and lack of energy due to poor lifestyle. Science has proven that human mental and emotional capacities are strongly related to the health of his body.

To succeed and live purposefully, we need to follow the basic principles of physical health; That means we should eat nutritious and useful foods, get enough sleep and stay active and healthy, strong and healthy by observing an active and healthy lifestyle.

6. Do not forget to practice proper breathing

In today’s fast-paced world, it takes time to practice breathing and rest. By entering consciousness into the process of breathing, we will gain a more accurate knowledge of ourselves and focus more on ourselves. Most people do not know that in times of stress and anxiety, there is a tendency to hold one’s breath in the chest and shallow breathing.

If we consciously take control of our breathing, not only does more air enter our body and make our minds calmer, but it also allows us to live in the moment. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are useful to achieve such an achievement.

7. Have free time to rest and regain strength

Sometimes managing our minds and thoughts becomes difficult and problematic for us; This means that we need to spend time at leisure and relax. To add more awareness to our breathing, we can also use relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, walking in nature, listening to soothing music, flower arranging, drinking soothing herbal teas, lighting scented candles, reading a novel or anything else. Let’s try to make it calmer. To regain strength and relax, we need to move away from crowded environments and avoid stimulant foods such as coffee.

8. Have a reliable support and backer

Success is not a one-on-one process. Achieving success requires professional and expert counselors, coaches, friends and teachers. So in this way we should look for friends and companions who encourage and support us in the course of our efforts. It is possible to find such friends and companions everywhere, but joining some groups increases the possibility of getting to know the supporting friends and companions. For example, in voluntary charities, animal shelters, religious and spiritual groups, or personal development workshops and classes, these people will be more likely to meet and socialize; Because usually in these groups are attracted people who have a lot of self-awareness and conscience and have a strong value system for themselves.

9. Appreciate appreciation and simplicity


Sometimes we are not satisfied with our lives and we want to escape from our path in some way. But if simplicity and gratitude are strong in us, it will be possible to keep going and keep trying. There are many sayings and writings about the importance and power of gratitude in life; Nevertheless, they all agree that this trait can accelerate personal growth.

Gratitude for the simple blessings we have in life changes our outlook on life and makes our movement toward growth and success faster and stronger. There are many reasons for gratitude and gratitude: a healthy body that keeps us active and healthy, watching a movie with our beloved family, or enjoying a hearty cup of tea in the garden.

10. Accept the unknown and let go of vain expectations

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. In fact, it is not pleasant for us not to know what awaits us and not to be sure of the results of our work. But gaining an understanding of the uncertain future can be a good way to get rid of grief. Deepak Chopra, a spiritual leader, says:

Those who seek security and tranquility in the outer shell of life will pursue it all their lives. But if you put aside the dependence on familiar concepts (security), you will enter the world of opportunities and possibilities. This is the world that brings true joy, abundance and success.

When we put aside rigidity and transcend the power of our perceptions and ideas beyond tangible and predictable concepts, we open many gates and opportunities to ourselves. To achieve such an understanding, we must go beyond expectations and habits and embrace the unknown. In a study, nurses of dying people stated that the greatest regret of patients was living according to the expectations of others and stereotypes and not living according to their desires and aspirations. This research can inspire us to take the helm of life and seek the happiness and contentment we desire. This life belongs to us and no one can make it as unique and happy as we do.




10 goals of personal development that make our success and happiness in life

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