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10 Extraordinary Ways to Improve Creative Thinking

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There are several ways to increase creativity and strengthen creative thinking. You have probably read a lot about this before. In this article, we will introduce you to methods that may surprise you; Scientific research has also shown the effectiveness of these methods. Here are you and these 10 amazing ways to boost creative thinking. be with us.

1. The brain is more creative when it is tired

To solve analytical problems we usually have to focus our minds; But if we are looking for creative ideas, we have to let go of our minds to spin in different and perhaps irrelevant contexts! Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. In other words, we have the best performance in the early morning or midnight. Most people get better and more productive at certain times of the day. But it is interesting to know that creative thoughts increase in non-optimal times; Then If you wake up early, you will probably be more creative at night when you are tired.

There is a good reason for this. When the brain is tired, it becomes difficult for it to get rid of distractions and focus on a particular subject; As a result, it is more likely to roam other realms. This wandering may not be good at work, but distractions, random thoughts, and ideas are good for creative thinking. Research has shown that we are more likely to come up with creative ideas at times that are not normally optimal for us.

۲. Exercise can boost creativity

We are more or less familiar with the many benefits of exercise. Add to that the benefits: Exercise can increase creative thinking ability, according to research. In this study, half of the participants were asked to do sports while watching a video. The other half of the participants watched the video without making any gestures. The group that exercised performed better in divergent thinking and providing solutions to the problem. Psychology Today describes the role of exercise well:

Exercise is a lubricant for the brain and lubricates dry and rusty gears. Through exercise, our conscious mind discovers new ideas that are hidden in our subconscious.

3. Ambient is the best voice for creativity

It is a common belief that silence is the best condition for creating creative thoughts; But some of the ambient music is much more useful. [موسیقی اَمبینت (به انگلیسی: Ambient music) گونه‌ای موسیقی است که در آن، بیش از آنکه به ترانه‌سرایی و آهنگ‌سازی اهمیت داده شود، به عنصر «تکرار» و یکپارچگی بافت صداها توجه می‌شود. به این گونه از موسیقی، «موسیقی پس‌زمینه» هم می‌گویند.] According to research, unlike loud music or silence, the resonance of ambient sound is great for boosting creative thinking.

Silence helps to strengthen concentration; It is therefore suitable for solving complex problems and detailed tasks. Creative thinking, on the other hand, requires ambient sound (similar to what we hear in cafes). This nova moves the mind to different realms and new ideas.

4. It does not matter if you are a virgin; Creativity means finding relationships

We often think that creativity means creating new and original ideas; But creativity is, in fact, the connection between existing ideas. This is an interesting definition of creativity; Because it makes it look simpler and more accessible. We can all find a connection between existing things!

Creativity means finding communication

Research has shown that intelligence is the result of physical communication in the brain. What is most important in the formation of general intelligence are the parts of the brain and the relationship between them. The most important parts of the brain for general intelligence are found in certain parts (the orange parts in the figure on the left in the photo above). Examining the brain reveals that the connections between these parts are particularly effective in boosting general intelligence. In the figure on the right, part of the brain is lit. This large orange area represents the connections (such as communication cables) that connect specific parts of the brain, as shown in the figure to the left.

Even Steve Jobs agrees with this definition of creativity:

“Creativity means making connections. When you ask creative people how they came up with such an idea, they could not easily answer; “Because in fact, they did not do much, what they did was discover things!”

Ask any artist, “Where did you get this idea?” The direct answer is: “I stole it!”

– Austin Cleon, author of “Steal Like an Artist!”

5. Foreign travel may be effective in boosting creativity

Research in this area is still scarce, but research on students has shown that those who have traveled abroad have scored better on creative thinking tests than those who have only been to university. The study surveyed American students who had gone to the UK for a summer study program. Because cultures and norms vary from province to province in many countries, domestic travel may also be effective in boosting creativity.

6. Low light makes us feel more liberated

Low light enhances creativity

I like my work environment to be full of natural light and it is difficult for me to concentrate in dark rooms. The results of this research are probably surprising to you: Research has shown that light and dim lighting can be effective in enhancing creative performance.

After conducting six different studies, the researchers concluded that low light increases creativity! According to the researchers, people are more creative in dimly lit environments, even if they do not notice the difference in lighting; Because our subconscious feels more relaxed and more exploring. Darkness is a kind of liberating feeling that initiates a kind of exploratory and risky processing style.

If you can not change the lighting, just imagine you are in the dark. Other empirical research has shown that even imagining the dark (describing times when we were really in the dark and recalling how it felt) is enough to boost creativity.

7. Blue and green can be effective in improving creative performance

The colors are amazing. A little green seems to enhance creative performance. Another study shows that red or blue affects our cognitive function. Red helps with detailed tasks that require focus; While blue enhances creative performance.

What we have said does not mean that you should make your office blue or green. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when doing things that require creativity.

8. A busy desk can be more creative

A crowded table makes you more creative!

I never liked a crowded and untidy table; But I have just come to the conclusion that I need to change this habit! Research shows that a chaotic environment leads to more creativity. Participants in this study are subconsciously more attracted to new things than what we know as “traditional.”

The study also found that a regular environment makes participants more generous and chooses healthier foods. Maybe that’s why Austin Cleon suggests having two separate workspaces for different activities.

9. It limits creativity

Another misconception about creative thinking is that more freedom leads to more creativity. Conversely, it has become clear that constraints can be effective in presenting creative ideas. This can be due to the removal of selection pressure from the myriad options. If you have to fill in the blanks of white paper with your writing, this feeling is familiar to you!

According to English writer and actor John Cleese, creativity can be so elusive that you have to create a limit to destroy it: “You have to create a limit of space and then a limit of time.”

One interesting example of this is the story attributed to Ernest Hemingway (although this is debatable). It is said that Hemingway bet with one of his friends that he could write a story with only 6 words! The result was:

“For sale: baby shoes, brand new!”

10. Drowsiness can make us more creative

I do not know you, but I am more ready than ever when I wake up! The time when we are waking up is called the waking state. This condition is accompanied by the onset of REM sleep and usually with clear images of the end of our dreams. The state of Rome is the time when the most dreaming takes place. For this reason, many artists use this sleep-wake time to create creative ideas.

One of the famous people who used this situation to create creative ideas is Salvador Dali, a surrealist painter. He snoozes on the sofa with a spoon in his hand. He also placed a tin plate on the floor next to the sofa. Every time he fell asleep, the spoon fell from his hand onto the plate. He would wake up to the sound of a spoon hitting and paint the pictures he remembered of his dreams.

The last word

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to boost creativity. We did not list all the research in this area. However, remembering and following all of these tips may not be easy. It is better to choose 1 or 2 items and do it; Then gradually add other tips to your work and life process.

How do you boost your creativity? What is the best way for you? It is interesting for many of us to be aware of the experience of others in applying these methods and the results they have achieved.




10 Extraordinary Ways to Improve Creative Thinking

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