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10 effective and practical solutions to increase the motivation of freelancers

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Many people these days work from home without being physically present at work and remotely. Forecasts show that the number of people working from home will increase in the future. But there is always a problem with working from home for many people: “It is difficult to motivate to work remotely at home.” If you do not have enough motivation to wake up and do what you need to do and need tricks to encourage you to get started, read on.

Scientifically, dopamine levels are higher in people who are highly motivated. Dopamine is a chemical that nerve cells secrete to send signals to each other. Instead of sitting on the couch and thinking about walking, why do you get up and walk out of the house or start a new business is the motivation that dopamine creates in you. Fortunately, you can stimulate the release of dopamine in your body; That means you can learn to motivate yourself. Being motivated is not an inherited trait.

1. Replace your casual clothes with more formal clothes

The misconception that most people have about a freelancer is that he or she is lying on the couch in comfortable clothes and working. When you wear pajamas, your mind stays asleep; So it’s best to get out of bed, take a shower, and change into comfortable clothes before you start work: as if you were really going to work.

۲. Swallow your frog

Sometimes hard work is a priority on our to-do list. The difficulty of doing so causes us to constantly procrastinate and think to ourselves, “If I do not go to the to-do list, I will not have to do that hard and tedious work.”

You may have heard the book Swallow the Frog by Brian Tracy. A frog is a tedious task that keeps you from thinking about it. Kazandra Stauro, the founder of the Propercorn factory, is accustomed to starting her work day by swallowing her frog. This habit has become widespread in this factory. All employees have a frog doll on their desk, which symbolizes the same hard and tedious work. They are allowed to remove the frog from the table when they have done so. After hard work, you will have no excuse to start doing what you love.

3. Have a plan for your day

When you have a full day ahead of you that you have no plans to fill, you will feel confused and tired from the beginning of the day. Make a list of all the things you need to do. Instead of using your mobile note-taking app, write your to-do list. The feeling of satisfaction that you will have after doing and checking all the tasks on the list is very pleasant. Set a time limit for each task, and do not disregard it. Apply this advice especially to important tasks that never end, such as checking social media. For example, you can spend half an hour at the beginning and end of the day checking social media.

4. Limit handling of emails

Some people receive multiple emails from co-workers, customers, family members and friends during the day or receive many promotional emails. Reading and scheduling all of these emails will cause you to lose focus on the things you need to do; So set aside a specific time of day to control emails.

It makes sense to check emails three times a day. If you have limited time to do your essentials, see if you need to check your emails? Can you do your important work without checking emails? If the answer is yes, you do not need to waste time checking emails.

5. Have time to rest

Rest - 10 motivational tips for freelancers

In addition to the time allotted for each task, take a break. Drinking a cup of tea after each of the list tasks is a good opportunity to distance yourself from the laptop screen; It also reminds you that it’s time to start the next job. In addition, set a specific time for lunch. Do not eat your lunch at your desk. Focus on the taste of the food and enjoy eating it, and postpone thinking about work until after the meal. Otherwise, you are more likely to need a snack.

There are many books that you can find recipes for healthy and fast food.

6. Set the end time

You may have to stop working at a certain time to do something special, such as picking up your child from kindergarten. If you do not have such a reason to end work, set your end time. Psychologically, as soon as you know that you can be free after 5 o’clock, for example, your motivation to start working increases. How you spend the rest of the evening depends entirely on your taste.

7. Exercise and enjoy the open air

Exercise and enjoy the open air

If you start your day with a simple exercise, a five-minute run around the apartment or a brisk walk, your mind will wake up. Exercise releases endorphins in the body, resulting in freshness and increased energy. Breathing fresh air also increases concentration.

If you feel tired and lethargic during the day, go for a walk; But if for any reason it is not possible for you to leave home, do yoga exercises. Deep breathing and stretching will rejuvenate you.

8. Do not have unusual working hours

Some of you may wake up early, but in the early hours of the morning, you have tasks that get in the way of your work. For example, your children wake up early in the morning and decide to take care of your work in the evening to take care of them. This procedure causes stress; Because in the evening, when the day is coming to an end, you are tired and you may not have started your work yet.

So in this case, it is better to have realistic expectations. In the evenings, take 1 hour to do your work and then go to bed or, if you wish, watch your favorite series; On the other hand, the age ahead of you without any plans for it is daunting. Select the task you want to do and finish it within 1 hour. It makes no sense to keep working when you are tired; Because the result will not have a definition. So it is better to consider the duration of the work as short but useful.

9. Get help from apps

If your head is busy and you can not concentrate and you need a little calm and concentration before starting work, use meditation apps. There are apps that help keep your mind focused and relaxed; Some apps also play certain songs that are very effective for a relaxing 30-minute nap. All you have to do is relax and listen to music.

10. Reward yourself

Rewards - 10 motivational tips for freelancers

Of course, this advice does not mean that you have to pay a lot for a massage session; Of course, if you want to do it, there is no problem. Rewards are actions that boost your energy and motivation throughout the day. For example, you can have your breakfast on the balcony or outdoors in complete peace or take a relaxing shower in the afternoon. You can invite yourself to a good dinner after all the work is done. In any case, if you are happy to receive such rewards, add them to your schedule.




10 effective and practical solutions to increase the motivation of freelancers

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