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10 books to overcome laziness; Read the lazy

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“Laziness” is a behavior that most people in society show. Maybe if it were otherwise, the number of successful and famous people would be much more than what we have now. In fact, contrary to popular belief, success does not depend on intelligence and talent, but on effort and perseverance. What deprives us of success is our habit of not trying and our weak will. Since this habit is a pervasive habit in society, we decided to introduce you to some books in this article that will help you recognize your type of laziness and overcome it. If you are looking for a book to overcome laziness, stay with us until the end of today’s introduction.

1. The power of habit

the writer: Charles Dahig
Translator (s): Mostafa Tarski and Masoumeh Sabetghadam (suggested by users)
Publishers: نوین (suggested by users)
number of pages: 327

Laziness, like being diligent, is just a habit. Therefore, better understanding of habits, how they are formed, as well as familiarity with how to quit and replace the wrong habit will help us to put aside laziness. Therefore, we begin our introduction list today with the book The Power of Habit. The power of habit is written in three different parts:

  • The first part: how habits develop in people’s lives;
  • The second part: examines the habits of successful companies and organizations;
  • Section 3: Examines the habits of communities.

In this book, the nature of habit formation is well described and a person who is accustomed to laziness can identify the form of his habit. Then, based on the good strategies that the author has stated, turn his lazy habit into a positive one over time.

This book is one of the most famous books in this field and dozens of scientific researches and interviews have been used to write it. The most important point that Charles Dahig made in his book The Power of Habit is the discussion of “replacing habit” with “quitting habit”; So if you are tired of your laziness, we suggest you read this effective book.

Researchers have found that people’s desire for rewards outweighs the temptation to break their commitment. This desire for reward established the habit cycle in them.

2. Zero to one

Zero to one a book to overcome laziness

Author (s): Black Masters, Peter Teal
Translator: Ali Behzadiannejad (suggested by users)
Publishers: Hormozd (user suggestion)
number of pages: 272

Many of us express our laziness in business. Where we have to work and have an income, we just fall short without a good reason. Zero to one is for such people. A book that will help you start a startup. In this valuable book, tips for starting a good business as well as maintaining it are stated.

On the other hand, some of the companies and startups that the authors of the book have founded are reviewed in this book. In these reviews, their roadmaps and roadblocks are illustrated for the audience so that they can get both ideas and energy from it! So if you are one of those people who have entered the process of laziness in the field of confused and unconscious business, zero to one has been written for you.

Venture capitalists aim to identify, invest and profit from promising start-ups.

3. Magical morning

Magical Morning is a book to overcome laziness

the writer: Hall of Fame
Translator: Latif Ahmadpour (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Sina Innovators (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 216

Many successful people consider dawn to be the key to their success. They believe that in the moments when others are asleep, they build the path to their success. On the other hand, waking up late and sleeping until around noon is also a sign of laziness. Therefore, the third book is a book about this: How to wake up early in the morning? A magical morning accompanies you on a course to get used to the dawn and make your day more productive at night.

Magical Morning teaches its audience not just to wake up, but to wake up refreshed, energetic, and make a wonderful day. This book will help you put laziness aside and wake up early in the morning and take advantage of the benefits of waking up to pursue your goals. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to wake up and are looking for a book to overcome morning laziness, this is a magical morning for you!

Magical Morning will essentially recreate the motivated and exciting experience of waking up for the rest of your life. The purpose of this book is to be able to get out of bed in the morning willingly and not under duress, and to spend part of your day growing your progress so that you can achieve an extraordinary life full of blessings and satisfaction. Thousands of people around the world are doing just that; People like you.

4. Composite effect

Composite effect of a book to overcome laziness

the writer: Darren Hardy
Translator (s): Latif Ahmadpour, Milad Heidari (Suggested by users)
Publishers: New look (suggested by users)
number of pages: 240

It is difficult to talk about “success” and not directly or indirectly target “laziness”! Composite work is a book written about the right habits. The same habits with which one can get away from stagnation and failure and fall on the path to success. However, achieving the introduced habits and becoming someone who makes those habits a part of his personality means getting away from laziness!

So if you want to make new habits and pursue success based on them, the compound effect is for you. The author of this book believes that “there is no secret or quick formula”. Therefore, in the book Composite Effect, the author helps the audience with a combination of methods to replace good habits with lazy ones.

If you do not have the progress you want but feel you can do it, it is only because you have not clearly defined your goals.

5. Atomic habits

Atomic Habits A book to overcome laziness

the writer: James Claire
Translator: Smart Peasant (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Hormozd (user suggestion)
number of pages: 332

Atomic Habits is another book that we want to introduce to you to avoid laziness. As mentioned earlier, having a positive and correct habit set makes us a strong and hardworking person. Atomic Habits is a book that shows the audience that every right habit is the result of a few small actions, and a healthy life is the result of a few right habits!

With this book, we will realize that living right is not so difficult at all that we can not afford it, it is not time consuming and it has nothing to do with intelligence and talent. Rather, the right lifestyle and avoidance of laziness are the result of our constant and small efforts to build and maintain effective habits.

How to make a good habit The first rule (clue): Make it clear. The second rule (desire): make it attractive. The third rule (answer): simplify it. Fourth Rule (Reward): Satisfy it. We can reverse these rules to learn how to break a bad habit. How to break a bad habit The first rule (clue): Hide it. The second rule (desire): make it luscious and unattractive. The third rule (answer): make it difficult. Fourth rule (reward): Make it a cause of dissatisfaction.

6. ابلوموف

Abolumov A book to overcome laziness

the writer: Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov
Translator: Mostafa Jamshidi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: New book (user suggestion)
number of pages: 912

Many audiences, as well as critics, consider Ablyumov to be Ivan Goncharov’s most influential novel. In this book, a new term called “ablomism” is introduced. Ablomivism refers to people who have severely impaired performance and restlessness. These traits are the beginning of entering life with laziness. In this book, the author tells the story of a character who is lost in the vortex of bodybuilding and can not build his future.

If you are one of those people who are interested in having a quiet life without financial problems, timely travel, fun and complete health, but you do not make the slightest effort to fulfill these desires and you do not know why, read Ablyumov. If you ask, when is the best time to read Ablyumov? We say firmly, “Yesterday!”

Did he not know to think of Kadkhoda’s letter or to change his house? Or handle invoices. He was wandering in the flood of life’s troubles, and he remained asleep, rolling from side to side, and occasionally his sighs were heard, “Oh my God, the calamity that has begun is falling from all sides.”

7. In the benefits of laziness

Book on the Benefits of Laziness

the writer: ال جینی
Translator: سما قرایی (suggested by users)
Publishers: گمان (suggested by users)
number of pages: 250

Among the benefits of laziness, how can it be a book to overcome laziness ?! This book refers to the philosophy of work, leisure and leisure in life. Although this book is philosophical, it is fluent and understandable to all readers. In fact, the author did not simplify philosophy, but wrote philosophy in a deeper language without fear. In this book, the audience becomes more familiar with the reason for life, love and effort than before. Reading it makes the excuses we make to avoid trying automatically become meaningless in us and we can be more determined.

If you are one of those people who, because of a misunderstanding of what life is, prefer to ignore life and try less, this book is for you. Read it and get acquainted with a more comprehensible world so that you can try and move forward as you wish.

My hypothesis is very simple. Even if we love our work and are satisfied with the initiative, success, and pleasure we find in it, we still feel overwhelmed and need to stop working; We need to not work. It does not matter how we make our bread, we still love leisure and fun and lethargy and stillness. We all need more play in life.

8. swallow the frog!

Swallow your frog A book to overcome laziness

the writer: Brian Tracy
Translator: Fariba Sabz Chamani (suggested by users)
Publishers: Shaden Pajhwok (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 101

Many of us become lazy because it is difficult for us to do hard work. In other words: we are afraid. From various aspects such as hard work, time consuming, lack of sufficient knowledge and تا to fear of the quality of our work output. However, this fear is only made by our own minds and is also a kind of inner resistance to not doing and not trying and, of course, cultivating the body.

In order to better deal with this internal resistance and to be able to manage it, swallow the frog has interesting practical exercises and recommendations. Swallowing a frog may be a difficult task for all of us. This is the purpose of this book. It is a frog (a metaphor for every person’s hardest work) and if we swallow it, there is nothing to worry about! So if you are also afraid of doing big and time consuming tasks and responsibilities, it is better to set aside a few hours and read this good book.

The hardest part of doing any important job is getting started. When you really start doing something important, you are naturally motivated to keep doing it. A part of your mind is always in love with doing important things that can really make a difference in your life.

9. 23 ways to overcome laziness

Book 23 Ways to Overcome Laziness

the writer: اس. جی. squat
Translator: Amir Hossein Mirzaeian (suggested by users)
Publishers: Pendar Taban (user suggestion)
number of pages: 156

So far, we have introduced you to 8 books to overcome laziness. Each affects laziness in some way. Each one somehow targets the roots of laziness. The next book we have introduced to you is 23 ways to overcome laziness that teach us practical exercises to overcome laziness. What this book aims at is “procrastination.”

This book teaches us how to deal with this bad habit and replace it with the right habit of trying. By reading this book, you will realize that putting aside laziness is not a difficult task, it requires knowledge and awareness.

The hardest part of learning how to say no to others is managing their reaction when they realize your priorities are different.

10. Excuse is forbidden

The book is forbidden excuse

the writer: Wayne Dyer
Translator: Azita Azimi (suggested by users)
Publishers: Atai (suggested by users)
number of pages: 350

Once we are lazy, we subconsciously start making excuses for its development and growth; Excuses that we and those around us believe. The more severe the situation in this field, the more acceptable and professional excuses we can produce.

Wayne Dyer will not be with us this time, unlike the books we introduced earlier. He stands in front of us with a forbidden excuse and tells us that whatever we say is nothing more than an excuse. Suddenly, he takes away our false justifications and reasons that leave us empty-handed and we feel nothing but trying to get in front of our feet! If you also feel that you sometimes get this condition or it has become a permanent habit for you, be sure to read the excuse of prohibition.

Whenever something unexpected happens in your life that is not in line with your mental imagination, remember Lao Tzu: “To eliminate the influence of negative things, it is enough to ignore them.” This word, although it seems simple, is very deep and meaningful.

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In this article, among the best books on this subject, we have introduced 10 books to overcome laziness. Which of the books on this list do you experience reading? Please write us your opinion about it in the “Send Comment” section. If you know of another book that you find vacant in the list above, please share it with us and the audience of How Magazine.


10 books to overcome laziness; Read the lazy

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